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  1. L

    [WA] 2004 vz crewman

    Not sure where to post Should I look into a 2004 vz crewman, 220,000 kms for $4000 I know there's a lot more to it than just kms but I just want a rough guesstimate. Thanks
  2. K

    VZ having a bad hair day

    I recently brought a second hand vz ute. There were no issues with it initially. Only about a day or two ago, i noticed what looked like clumps of hair extensions just hanging out of the exhaust pipe. I keep pulling the crap out whenever I see it because its embarrassing. The car isn't stock...
  3. W

    VZ Rough Idle on Warm start

    Hi all, This one sounds like a bit of an oldie but a goodie. I've got a 2004 VZ SS ute 5.7 LS1, you all know the one. It's got a VCM performance intake (so no MAS) and makes noise but doesn't go anywhere quick. Starts fine cold, when you start it warm later in the day 15 min 30 min whenever...
  4. C

    Vz ecu help!!

    Hey guys, so I own an optioned out 2004 vz SV6 manual. Not very common as I've come to realise but need clarification with these dang ecus. Sadly there is basically no information and if there is, no one is sharing or it's hard to find. My ecu is basically fried. Fuel gauge error occasionally...
  5. S

    [LS1] 500hp na

    hey all, I have a ls1 with a big cam and head work done with 4-1 headers at 1 7/8 prim and 3 1/2 second and a 2 1/2 inch exhaust and it's making 398rwhp Is it possible to keep it na and get 500hp? Cheers
  6. D

    Have a bit of an issue with my LPG conversion, need some guidances

    So I have a Holden Berlina VY V6 3.8 Cyl Recently the car hesitates whenever I accelerate, in petrol, the engine will sustain itself and not stall, but with LPG it stalls. So my friend who's a mechanic helped me out and replaced all 6 spark plugs and got rid of all the hesitation on petrol and...
  7. ReaperTBS

    VZ (Auto) turning off sporadically

    Hi there, Not sure if this is the right section to post this in, as i'm not sure what the issue is, but i assume electrical. I recently got my VZ (auto) back from the mechanic, as it had been stationary for about 9 months while i was away, and it wasn't maintained during that time. I got a...
  8. G

    Cv8 what is this car

    Hello, I picked up this Vauxhall Monaro from a Perth car yard. 2004 the monaro was launched in the UK. Anbody know anything aHbout these? Especially the roof lining, looks like some sort of fiber??? Cheers
  9. V

    Difference Between 2002 Vy Calais And The 2004 Model?

    Hi guys im buying a holden calais as a first car, whats the difference between the 2002 and 2004 model?
  10. C

    - My VZ Clubby 6L M6 -

    - HSV VZ Clubsport 6L Manual 6 speed - My names Dave, this is my 04’ Clubby I bought at 19. Hope you enjoy the build and progression. Current Mods: [Updated] Car: VZ Clubsport 6L Build #81 Colour: Quick Silver Body Kit: Factory VZ Clubsport body kit & Wing Gearbox...
  11. S

    VZ v6 engine mounts replacement

    My 2004 engine mounts need replacing but the mechanic at utlra tune said it would cost $350 labour to fix. I bought some new mounts from supercheap for $127 but was wondering what needs to be done to replace them yourself? And is it as hard to do as the vs v6?
  12. BakeTheTank

    Bakes VY Series II S

    Hey guys, picked up this baby in September last year. Few mods to come 95% of work done by 1st owner. Just gettin started on all this stuff, so bare with me :) Name: Kurt Age: 19 Year: 2004 Model: VY Series II S Engine Size: 3.8litre Kms: 97000 MODS: Interior: • VZ SS Foot...
  13. BakeTheTank

    Bake's 2004 VY Series II S

    Delete thread please, made by accident. Delete thread please already made this page, this page was made by accident
  14. BakeTheTank

    Installing Power Windows in rear seats of a 2004 VYII (Sedan)

    Hey Guys, first post on here so bare with me! Im looking to install power windows in the back of my car (there is already power and switches in the front) I know that I need the 'Wiring Looms' and a LHS & RHS back window electric regulator. I think I've seen the regulators for sale on some...
  15. H

    2.5 exhaust on Sv6

    gday i was wondering if a 2.5 twin exhaust with 2 rear mufflers and no front mufflers would sound alright on a SV6, i asked the bloke who's selling it and he said it will be quite loud but i want to hear it i just don't want it to be too loud. whats your opinions? cheers
  16. D

    Rattling of 2004 VZ Commodore

    Hello, Recently, I've noticed that the car is beginning to rattle and its mainly when the car is stationary. What are the possibilities for this to occur? A friend thought it could be the spark plugs though it doesn't seem right. In the last few days, the temp guage takes a while to warm up...
  17. W

    Holden Sale/Purchase Advice

    Hi all just wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a car and I'm looking to trade in with another guy. He has priced his vehicle at $22,990 and can be found here for more info: Find used cars and new cars online - CarPoint Australia Here is our car's info: 1 Lady owner...
  18. D

    2004 Holden Commodore Exec

    When i first bought my used 2004 Holden Commodore Exec, i noticed that there was a sharp squealing noise coming from the brakes. I ended up buying new brake pads though the noise is still there and its been a few months. Recently i have also noticed when i go over a small bump when braking, the...