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2005 vz

  1. B

    Cammed 2005 VZ SS, Yellow sticker.

    Hey new here, I bought a 2005 VZ SS Gen III LS1 5.7L, 4 speed auto. ( about 6-7 weeks ago ) I've got a lot of questions about the car but ill start off with the fact I got a yellow sticker a few days after driving outa the car yard. Also being an idiot and fact it was from a car yard I didn't...
  2. B

    Air Con bearing noise

    Hi all, Newbee poster here, but I have been reading the threads for a little while and found this forum very helpful. I've done a search but couldn't find any threads that seemed to match my issue. My '05 VZ V6 has just developed a noise in the air con, a bearing I believe. I'm confident it is...
  3. N

    2005 vz ute mods

    just got a stock standard white vz ute and just wondering what to do with it ? i was thinking 19'' wheels thunder hard lid lowered smoked tail lights and indicators and sound system any feedback would be awsome
  4. H

    [QLD] WTB - VZ SV6 ECU, BCM etc

    ITEM: WTB - VZ SV6 Commodore ECU, BCM, TCM & Keys LOCATION: Qld , Morayfield, Brisbane Northside CONDITION: New or Used - both ok PRICE: Any price as long as cheaper than Holden DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up in Brisbane area or will pay postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...
  5. amos_executive

    My '05 VZ Exec/My first car

    Hey all, from Perth so anyone from Perth or W.A who can point me in the right direction for good places to get some of my future installs would be much appreciated. As the title says this is my first car, hope you all enjoy. will be moving into a new car once the house is complete, hopefully...
  6. V

    Vz wont start Starter motor? plzz helppp

    Hey people, finished work had my car parked under my work. got in the car tried to start it all i got was CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK?? open the bonnet made sure all the connections were right, CLINK CLINK CLINK. Put the key in let the screen thing load up, It says.. ABS FAULT? all i can hear is...