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  1. Blummy

    Cylinder 3 missfire, 2006 ve calais

    I brought a 2006 ve v6 calais today and on the second time driving it threw a check engine light and started to run like a monkey in a cage, drove it home plugged in scan tool threw a cylinder 4 missfire, where should I start
  2. C

    TH400 into 2006 VE senator

    I’m trying to fit a th400 gearbox into my 2006 VE Holden senator signature but because of the park/neutral safety switch the car won’t run. I’ve been told I have to bypass the switch to get the car going. Does anyone know how to do this? Or would anyone have a PCM Wiring diagram? Thanks
  3. M

    2006 VZ transmission problem

    Hello everyone and thank you for this great forum, it has been a great help identifying problems in my car and saving lots of money. my car is a 2006 VZ commodore (175kw) and is at it again, my mechanic isn't able to find the problem: 1- gear is stuck in 3d gear (limp mode) 2- shifting gears...
  4. T

    LS1 Statesman WL 2006 Running Very Rich

    Heys Guys i am new here. I have Holden Caprice/Statesman 2005 with Stock LS1 GenIII. I am getting 8 mpg average. People said they are getting around 500 km on full tank but i am getting around 350 km. I spent a lot of money and also took car to many mechanics but they found nothing. Plugs are...
  5. mohamedelkady

    Oil leak under the engine!

    Hello, Three days ago I noticed some oil leaks under the car in the morning, I checked engine oil level and -unfortunately- it was 1.5 litre less :(, I added equivelent amount of oil and checked the bottom of the car, it was hard to determine the leak source (The car saffered some leaks year...
  6. Swapitifyoucan

    Ute vs sedan brakes?

    recently swapped svz front brakes&rotors onto a sedan and after bleeding peddle goes nearly all the way to the floor. They do work but not untill the pedal is just off the fire wall. No brake light illuminated when applyed. Was wondering if master cylinder is the same size or not.
  7. mohamedelkady

    SRS Fault notification.

    Hi, I have a 2006 Chevy Lumina Ls aka. Commodore VZ V6. I went to a cleaning shop a week ago, after I restored the car the (SRS FAULT) and SRS lamp in the dash are appearing every time I switch the car on. Note that my Car was NOT equipped with airbags. When I referred to the owners manual, the...
  8. T

    Ve ssv air conditioner issue mystery

    Hi, I have a 06 Ve ssv with a really weird air conditioning issue, when I'm driving after around 15 mins the air conditioner stops cooling then it just does it a random times. Once You turn the climate control on then off it works again. I called a mobile auto electrician he said my system is...
  9. Vxcalaisv8

    MY06 VZ Thunder SS L98. Black.

    VZ SS Thunder - Album on Imgur Just bought this beauty. 2006 auto, upgrade model with PBR brake package and the L98 engine. 100k kms on the clock, leather interior and OTR Mafless tuned with 263rwkw. Very neat car, a dream to drive and a real head turner. Wouldn't mind a set of simmons fr20...
  10. Dtnightmare1

    2006 Holden Berlina VE Battery Question

    Hi everyone, yesterday I decided to stop in at Holden on my way home to inquire about a tow bar being fitted. I've had a weird feeling about my car battery since I bought it, so I got the guy at Holden to double check if it was the correct one. He told me that it wasn't, it was correct in power...
  11. Dtnightmare1

    2006 Holden Berlina VE Speaker Size

    Hi everyone! I am wanting to upgrade my Berlie's speakers, could any of you lovely chaps enlighten me on the size of speakers I would be able to fit into my 06 Berlina VE. Front/Back/Dash and if so possibly tweeters/subs. Also, I have in mind a few speaker brands but if anyone knows of any...
  12. H

    VZ glovebox 2006

    May be a silly question but does anybody have an idea of how to remove the glove box in a VZ 06?
  13. P

    Kick Panel Part Number

    Hey quick question, can anyone give me a part number for the 'Kick Panel' as I call it (panel above the front passenger's feet, that covers wiring etc below the glove box)? It is for an 06 Acclaim if they differ at all between models. Need to order a new one as somehow it was left out of the car...
  14. topdzl

    Monaro 05-06 good and bad

    hey everyone I'm thinking of buying manual Monaro, I checked the market and what's available is 2005 and 2006, the later the better. I just want to know whats the good and bad things in this car and if there's big differences between 2005 and 2006 models - I heard there's a problem with the...
  15. A

    My modified ve sv6

    Little bit about this car, Phantom Black VE SV6 2006 Standard red and black trim 6 speed manual Plates: ACCA1 brought the car with: SSV rear tail lights, SSV wheels and factory lowered (lowest legal), Quad Exhaust tips. Recent mods: Walkinshaw Cold Air Intake Badges Removed x force stainless...