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  1. KeithM2576

    My first Holden!

    HI all, I'm new to this group and looking forward to sharing stories and learning about my new ride. I am picking up my 2007 V VE Calais this weekend, the first Holden I have ever owned. I have had various cars over the years from Valiants in the 80s, through various Japanese hatchbacks and...
  2. YoungHoldenMan

    HELP! What transmission could/will fit a 07 ve sv6?

    My transmission has recently shat its self in my 2007 VE SV6 Holden. Ive been looking around for a M82 transmission (the type of gearbox currently in the car) and finding it hard to find one at a price I can afford. Just wondering if any other gearbox's would fit? like a 6 speed? Also, I'm...
  3. Loud Ve

    Loud Ve

    My baby is pretty stock and sadly I took off the road six months ago after the bcm stuffed up. She's a standard 6 with a straight pipe and has an amazing note to her. (Well I think so but my neighbours disagree ) Putting her back on the road once I'm finished fixing my vy. Had a collection of...
  4. A

    2007 Ve engine noise/light

    Hello, I have a 2007 Ve omega and recently last week I was driving and the check engine light and oil level light came on. I tried to ignore it as I was 1 hour away from home and as I've gotten home I've noticed a noise from the engine that sounded like a old tractor. I live in a very small...
  5. Kargroth

    Check engine issue... please help

    Hey guys I recently brought a 2007 HOT RED VE SV6 Holden Commodore ( see profile for garage pics ) have had it about three weeks now, bought it for 17,990 with three months ago and have been every now and then been getting the " CHECK ENGINE " light come up on the front dash. now the first time...
  6. S

    2008 SV6 - Bluetooth Music?

    Hey guys! New member here. So I picked up a 2008 SV6 today which I'm super happy with. One thing I was wondering though, I can pair my phone to the Vehicle BT but it doesn't seem to stream music through the car system, just connect my phone functions. Is this right? Phone function only via...
  7. G

    2007 Commodore VE Omega Amp and Speaker install

    Hi i recently bought this car and want to replace the stock speakers and run an amp using an LOC. I was Just wondering if anyone could help me with trim removal on the doors to replace the speakers and also how to best access the head unit. (Picture would be great)
  8. T

    2007 VZ sv6

    Hey, I just bought this ute looking for ideas on suspension and mods, i've read the forums just wondering if i could chat to someone that has a good idea on vz utes and the springs i'd need to slam it nicely :) 2007 sv6 vz 6 speed manual so stoked just feel so lame driving it around while its...
  9. D

    Reverse lights in '07 Omega

    When i either unlock or lock my 2007 Omega in the dark, the reverse lights come on. I heard this is a common fault with the omegas. Is there a way to fix this? and is it going to be expensive?
  10. J

    VE Omega Ute Parts

    Hey, I recently bought a VE omega ute 2007 model and i want to make it look like a sv6 model. Here are the things i would like to change on it: - Body colour door handles (white) - Body colour mirror scalps or mirror covers (white) - sv6 front and sv6 rear bumper - including grille...
  11. D

    Morpheous VZ SVZ Ute

    Hey there mad units! Been a member for a while and realised I haven't made a thread yet haha. So here it is, my money pit >< Name: Steve Model: 2007 VZ SVZ Ute Paint: Morpheous Metallic Odometre when purchased : 43000 :D Engine: 3.6L Alloytec 190 V6 Engine Mods: N/A Exhaust: Pacemaker...
  12. A

    VZ Holden Commodore (2007) Workshop Manual

    Has any one be able to track down a Workshop Manual for a 2007 VZ ??? Please let me know !!!