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  1. S

    2008 VE commodore wagon Calais so many engine light issues

    Ok desperately hoping someone can shed some light on what might be wrong with my car . lots of errors re occurring while driving esp off , battery saver mode , reduced power mode and lots more , driver window stopped working , radio would stay on even after exiting and locking the car ...
  2. R

    Replacing Damaged Drivers Door- VE Ute

    halfway through replacing the drivers door and having trouble locating the wiring loom plug that powers the door functions (windows, mirrors etc). Has anyone had any experience with this or know where the plug is located inside the vehicle. What dash trims need to be removed to find the plug...
  3. MikeyB

    New Proud Owner - VE SV6 - 2006 Auto

    1st post & couldn't find a forum to introduce myself :) Mikey up until the last hailstorm we had in NSW penrith, i owned a chery j11 cough cough, i know, give it to me 17 hail dents later, 2 major ones, saw NRMA say it's gone, thank gawd :) so after little discussion with the better 1/2 (...
  4. Thiele07

    Check oil light on idle

    2008 VE SS 6.0L So about 5 weeks ago my check oil light would come on when in idle e.g stopped at traffic lights but only once the car had been driven for about 15/20 minutes prior i would either take off or just put 700 / 800 rpm on and it would disappear so i assumed oil pressure was...
  5. R

    VE Omega Mods

    What’s everyone’s favourite modification to their car? Looking at mods for my 08 VE sedan but don’t know where to start
  6. V

    Cold Air Intake Ve

    Hi I have a VE sv6 commodore Sedan 2008 Model and am looking to install a cold air intake kit, Can anyone suggest a reasonable brand? or send through some links of what may be best fitted for my car? Cheers
  7. Ben McCann

    MY08 Omega

    Car: 2008 VE Omega Colour: Evoke Mods: N.A Plans: Springs and Shocks, OTR CAI, MACE Tune, X-force 2.25" Catback, Series II SS or SS-V rims.... the list goes on haha Anyway this is my first car, I bought it back in July last year but still haven't done anything to it just yet, even after...
  8. A

    Genuine front parking sensors on a 2008 Berlina Sportwagon, is it possible?

    Hi everyone, so we've got a 2008 Berlina Sportwagon and we already have the rear sensors but, it would be good to have the front ones. What I want to know is if it is possible? How much will it cost and where can I get it?
  9. R

    08 VE Omega Stereo?? HELP!!

    How hard is it to add a sub and speakers to a 08 VE Omega? I have just bought one, and really want to upgrade the sound system. A sub is the first thing i want, i have had a fusion encounter tube before and quite like them, or the next model up. Im hoping i dont have to change the head...
  10. N

    VE V Calais subwoofer + amp upgrade

    i have a 2008 VE V Calais and want to upgrade the stereo system. what i mainly want is a sub (or two depending on the price). i know i will need an amp for this but don't know what to look for... the stock speakers are pretty good so I'll leave them in as they are now. i have no clue what to...