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  1. Cody Jayne

    Overheating and aircon not working?? SV6 2009 VE sportswagon

    hey everyone! Having some issues and would love some opinions on what’s going on! My car has 255,000ks, no leaks or anything like that and I get her serviced on time. My oil, coolant and water are all filled up (not over filled) The only issue I have is my transmission on the computer is...
  2. Cameron1870

    VE L77 - Dipstick Hole Location

    Hey All I have a 2009 VE SS L77 just put a 3" Harrop Exhaust on her I had to pull out the dipstick tube and all but who knows where the hole is to put it back? I looked all over the net and can't find much info on where the hole is anyone knows? Big Thanks Cameron
  3. A

    Holden Commodore 2009 SV6 fault codes upon fault codes

    I had missfires in my car which haunted me for the better half of a year, it would come and go all the time randomly, I had all the spark plugs replaced and got all new coil packs in the end which fixed the problem. Now, a couple of weeks after, I'm getting fault codes I've never gotten before...
  4. christojesus

    My LY7 Build 2009 pontiac G8

    Ive been slowly doing the build of the ly7 over here in canada and i thought id share my progress so far as i am on of the very few guys in north america that is building this motor. well hopefully you will enjoy my videos and progress to come and as well maybe offer som pointers. Cheers!
  5. V

    09 VE catalytic converter replacement??

    Hi guys I own a 2009 VE international wagon, While driving a few weeks back i noticed a slight noise coming from the front left of the car and after taking it to the mechanics today he has informed me that i need a new L/Hand cat. Im not super finanical atm with my 4x4 being rego'd and i have a...
  6. N

    Misc. Light Questions

    I'm just about to change a few of the smaller lights on my VE Berlina Wagon (2009) from stock to LED lights and I have a few questions that a few hours of searching haven't been able to solve (apologies if I missed a thread with the answers) 1. What kind of bulb does the light in the wagon boot...
  7. N

    Replacing VE Footwell Bulbs?

    I'd really like to replace the stock footwell light bulbs in my 2009 Berlina with some LED bulbs - does anyone know what type of bulb the stock footwell light uses, and how one would go about replacing/changing the bulb? Cheers!
  8. Colinalcanatara

    VE SSV P182E & P0700 ERROR CODES

    Does anyone have any information around the error codes mainly for p182e or p0700 and if so how to fix them as the code reader isn't giving me much?
  9. koankoan

    Issue with dash light when accelerating. 2009 VE

    Hi everyone, I've been having trouble with an 09 VE Omega I have owned for a while. What has been happening is whenever I accelerate (sometime light, other times flooring it) the red dash light for "door open" lights up and so has the overhead light (until I switched it off from lighting up...
  10. K

    Bumper- Plastic Welding or Epoxy

    I have an 09 Grange and some &%$T in something large has given my back end a kiss. all is easily sorted, except the lower rear bumper, which is cracked. I need to work out if the rear would require epoxy or plastic welding to repair?
  11. C

    Best full exhaust system for 2009 SV6

    Just wondering what the best full exhaust system is for performance? I have a 2009 VE SV6.
  12. gremlin007

    VE Berlina Please Help me with my Audio Setup

    Hi Guys I'm new here, this is an awesome forum. I recently purchsed a 2009 Holden VE Berlina with 30,000kms on the clock (from a family friend) And the first thing I want to do is upgrade the audio system ... I'm a Noob please bear with me (Just the Speakers) and keep the current Head Unit...
  13. P

    My VE SV6 Phantom Black Sedan

    My VE SV6 Phantom Black Sedan Model: 2009 VE SV6 Engine Type: 3.6L V6 Transmission: 5 SPD Automatic Wheels: 18" Future Mods: SSL's Front Lip 35% Red Tint Bee-Sting Antenna Walkingshaw Bonnet Painting my Calipers tommorow:) going red! Tell me what you...
  14. VN_chris

    VN Automotive HSC project 2009

    Im doing my HSC this year and my hands down favourite course is Auto. From the start i knew i was going to do a Commodore as my major project. In a nut shell: I baught a VN Commodore Execuitive in march this year shortly after i got my P's I rebuilt an engine I got form a local wrecker...