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  1. A

    Rear Speakers are very quiet in VE Commodore

    Hello! So recently we have started changing the speakers out in my VE SV6 and we've had the issue that the rear speakers when balanced all the way to the rear can be barely heard on max volume. The speakers at the front are working perfectly but the rear speakers are very quiet. Is this an amp...
  2. ReaperTBS

    2010 Calais - Head Unit

    Hi all, I've checked the manual, checked online, and checked in person, but still can't seem to determine exactly what model my head unit is in my 2010 Calais. I think it's the series 1 "IQ" head unit, but i'm honestly not sure. I'm considering changing head units, primarily because (due to...
  3. Z

    Radio LCD Display All Dials except Speedo not showing (ANSWERED)

    Hi I am a new VE owner, I just bought a VE omega dual fuel 2010 and after a restart the other day I got a check engine warning and the radio LCD wasn't working (buttons still work on radio and even touch screen) also all dials weren't working except the speedo and central LCD display for...
  4. B

    How much power does my 2010 ve commodore series 2 sv6 ute have at the wheels???

    hey guys I've got a 2010 sv6 series 2 ute and i haven't done any performance mods yet and i was wondering what it has at the wheels, I've been told it has 170kw at the fly but it hasn't been on the dyno yet. and it is auto unfortunately. i have also lowered it on sssl king springs if anyone...
  5. Jaz11

    New Member: 2010 SV6 Ute

    Hello all, New member, Just bought the ute 2 weeks ago, thought i better join the forum knowing i will have some questions, this is my ride, Twin Hump hardcover yet to come, massive sound system going in...also have my old car and dirt bike to sell but wont let me post a thread in for sale...
  6. D

    caprice sidi oil consumption

    I have a 2010 sidi v6 caprice that burns one litre of oil every 5000 km.3 litres in 15000 well below the dip stick add mark.Holden dealers say thats normal but engine re-builders and various mechanics say the rings or bores need work. anyone else have issues with this motor or Holden not...
  7. S

    Decal Ideas for SSV Redline Sportwagon - Series II

    Has anybody designed a decal for the sides of the sportwagon and is willing to share it with us. We did an extensive google search for decal ideas and most / all were designed to suit either sedans and utes. We have spoken to few decal suppliers and they all say the same: "Can you send us...
  8. Goz

    MY10 SV6 Ipod Connection

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has bought and installed one of these? HOLDEN COMMODORE VE AUDIO CABLE IPOD IPHONE - CHARGES - eBay Accessories, Cables, Audio, Video, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 24-May-10 10:19:51 AEST) If so how hard was it to install? I don't...