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  1. V

    Vc 6cylinder wont crank

    Hey people I've picked up a vc commodore with a 202 it's been converted to Manual and the dizzy was in the boot so I put it in place and I'm trying to get to to turn over but it won't I've jumped the starter and it spins but doesn't engage the engine and it won't even spin when I turn the key...
  2. Leigh_G

    Leigh's '81 VH SL/X Project

    Hi all, been a long time away from these forums, but I'm back, with a new money pit. Bought this 1981 VH SL/X a few weeks ago, figured I'll chuck it up here as a bit of a progress log as I fix things on it, and see where it ends up! A mate spotted it for sale at a local tyre shop and flicked...
  3. single pegga pig

    Vk 202 auto to manual conversion

    Hey all, I have myself an 84, carby black 202 vk wagon. Sadly, it's an auto and I'm wanting to get some advice on manual conversions as I've never done one before. Treat me as if I know nothing on the subject, because I don't. I need to know what I'll need, where I'd look to find what I need...
  4. jimmyvk84

    vk berlina

    hi guys this is my 1984 vk berlina 202 got a few bits done like a 41/81 crow cam stright cut gears star fire rods double valve springs over sized ports aus speed manifold 465 holly gilmer drive hd clutch and 5speed box list goes on am just about to start a 304 build but going to use a carby...
  5. jimmyvk84

    vk berlina 202

    this is my old girl 84 vk berlina all matching numbers and 72000ks has a few bits done 41/81 crow cam stright cut gears star fire rods double valve springs over sized ports aus speed manifold 465 holly 40tho over gilmer drive hd clutch 5speed box the list goes on good bit of fun am soon to be...
  6. Elscrappycoco

    Injected straight 6 to carb v8

    hey guys bought a vk sl with the injected black 202 Pulled it all out and planning on putting a black 308 in it I picked up cheap Just wondering if anybody has a quick run down on what wiring can be used/ has to go etc..
  7. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Blue 202 won't warm/hot start/idle

    UPDATE (22/01/17 12:30PM) - skip to here to see what's been eliminated so far.- UPDATE (23/01/17 19:10) - Solved. Got a stock 83 VH blue 202 (Varajet II carb.) Have done a full carby clean (but not rebuild) and replaced mount gaskets recently (to fix a vacuum leak), had a run through of...
  8. E

    VK Calais 202 to LS Conversion

    Hi All, I am looking at swapping out the seized 202 from my VK Calais and putting in an LS. So obviously it is going to be a lot of work and money but I'm up for the challenge. What are some things that I need to keep in mind when doing this build? What diff & brakes would be best...
  9. Wickham_1995

    VC Commodore L help

    I've recently bought a VC Commdore L with a 3.3 202 blue motor and i was just wondering if anyone had some good ideas or mods to help me make it run abit better and gain a little more power without going over the top with modification? Cheers in advance
  10. M

    [202] Help for holden wb 1984 UTE

    Hi I am doing up a 1984 holden wb ute with my dad for my first car I have a few qustions Would it be worth upgrading from the blue 202 with a varajet II to a 253 (legal on p's) Would it be worth saving up $ and getting a 308 or a ls1? Would it be worth putting a rb30 in it and...
  11. C

    Anyone in Perth hills able to help me out? -Breakdown 202

    Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask (please let me know if there is a more applicable section) .. my camper which has a lovely old 202 in it has broken down and it's stuck at Lake Leschenaultia; it was running rough since someone borrowed it recently and they'd replaced the spark plugs to...
  12. GetToDaChopa

    Holden VH 202 Blue Emissions Setup Guide TVS stuff

    This is for a VH 202 6 Cyl Blue Engine with auto transmission, but maybe useful for other models too. When i was setting mine up i realy had a hard time finding an engine with a proper setup and finding a diagram online was difficult. So why spend time looking when i've already done it. here is...
  13. L

    Vk SL 1985 3.3l IDEAS?

    Picked up at VK 1985 model, 4 spd manual, 3.3l - not fuel injected. car is perfect condition, no rust what-so-ever, interior is blue, perfect condition. 113k on speedo, motor runs beautiful. Planning to keep it as 6cyl manual, anyone got any ideas what I can do to this little motor to get...
  14. L

    Delete thread.

    Delete thread, duplicate.
  15. W

    VK 202 EFI problem runs and them dies and slightly conks out then i turn right??

    bit of a long story.. okay so here's what happened normal day dropped the misses off at tafe after work I went to pick her up.. on the way there is a high hill about 2-4km long I got to the top and the car started to conk out felt like I ran out of fuel.. i tried to start it again and it...
  16. M

    202 red in boat tricky issues??

    Hi all. Firstly I gotta say I'm so glad I stumbled on this forum. So g'day to you all. I'm a long time Holden owner having owned just about every model they ever built from my first car a fb wagon to our family vz wagon. But my question today relates to my inboard boat with a 202 onboard. I...
  17. V

    The vh sl/x resto (rest-slow)

    Hey guys, Restoring a VH SL/X with 202 blue motor, bought for $1k, straight as you could want, seats are mint, needs carpet, refresh some door trims, rubber kit and windscreen chromes, usual rust spots but overall too good to mutilate. ( Had thought about putting a worked 308 in it for some fun)...
  18. O

    The BIG VK Manifold Question!

    Hey Guys, I'm calling in some help on this one. This question will not be for the feint hearted I don't think. I have an 85' VK Commo with the black 202 carby motor. I've done an electronic dizzy conversion; and a Weber 34ADM Conversion (all running sweet). I've replaced the entire...
  19. T

    Help with celica conversion in my VB

    Hi all, i'm putting a celica 5 speed in my 202 VB, I have everything accept i have the wrong clutch fork. Does anybody know what clutch fork i need to get? IS it just a standard commodore one? and if it is does it matter V8 or 6 cyl? Any help is much appreciated, and if anyone has one please...
  20. D

    Help Needed - Rebuild red 202

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone who is able to rebuild a red 202. The car is in Logan area, Brisbane. Can work on it in the carport here, or I can drive it to you locally (it won't get very far in it's current state :P). A decent amount of cash is on offer to someone who can get this old...
  21. M

    VK Tacho to Blue Motor

    I have been getting some work done to quell the rust and leaks in my VK's boot. While she’s been out of action I’ve decided to finally look into fitting a stock tacho in favour of the infamous vacuum gauge! I took the cluster out and have had it re-conditioned (looks near new!). The new...
  22. 1

    [202] Chemically cleaning

    Hey fella's, just pulled my 202 out today, and i heard about getting it chemically cleaned? can i do it myself? or leave it up to the pro's? and whats involved? cheers :)
  23. A

    [NSW] vc sedan for sale!! immac engine, box, and beige interior

    ITEM:for sale is my YELLOW vc comodore. blue 202 3.3 litre engine, 4 speed holden manual box. i bought it off my uncle approx 12 months ago, who was the first owner of the vehicle and has been almost blind for a number of years now and barely driven. it was always kept under shelter and in the...
  24. VK SL 3800

    VK 202 Coil

    Was washing some oil spilt from changing my oil today and i had the engine running as intended to just give it a quick hit under the oil filter and i splashed i little bit of degreaser on my coil and the engine instantly stopped, never had a problem with coils getting wet and failing before. So...
  25. VK SL 3800

    Whistling 202

    Now that its winter again my 202 has started to whistle randomly, it only does it in the cold weather and only after the engine warms up a tad, will come and go randomly but then goes away after for good about 15-25 minutes driving depending on the temperature. Is really inconsistent, it will...
  26. VK SL 3800

    My VK SL

  27. VK SL 3800

    VK Radio interference

    Hi, Have an annoying problem with my VK's radio getting a mild uneven crackling at idle and low revs, Doesn't matter if your on radio, CD or ipod it still does it but only with the engine running. Its not like your normal zzzzzzzz noise that changes with the revs but more of a clicking or chk...
  28. VK SL 3800

    Vk Cooling Issue

    My 202 with the est is having a lot of trouble holding a consistent temperature, during the winter months its fine and always holds the exact same spot on the gauge not matter how you drive. But now that its summer it can usually hold the same temp around town without the AC going but with it on...
  29. VK SL 3800

    Vk Vacuum sensor.

    Hi Just recently my VK with the EST ignition system has developed a bad ping under light throttle at low to medium revs, I'm guessing either the CAS or the Vacuum sensor on the fuse box would be at fault as it has only started doing this recently and only once at normal operating...

    backyard tuning black carbed 202

    hi i have a black carbed 202 in a vk and was wondering do you have any easy backyard tuning tips for it just untill i get the cash for a new engine for it thanks
  31. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    It appears I have purchased another car! A 1972 HQ Kingswood. One lady owner from 1972 to 2009, who then sold it to a wrecker where it was saved by the bloke who sold it to me! He didn't even drive the car, he had it towed to his house :p Set me back $1600 all up, with a full tank of petrol...
  32. H

    Need help asap, vk86 berlina red efi blue 202

    Im at my limit with commodore motors!!! I love holdens but since my first VK got wrote off :rip: (Blond chick went through a give way sign in front of 6 cars and i was the unlucky one to be at the front :cry: ) I have had 2 VR's, sedan and wagon (Blew head in wagon), 2 VK sedans. At the moment...
  33. joshc236

    VH Supercharged

    I was wondering if you could put a supercharger in a VH?