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  1. Vk exec

    Vk 202 black motor cam selection?

    Gday everyone, just signed up to this forum and not quite sure how these things work as of just yet but I’ll get there. I’ve got a 1984 Vk with a black 202 3.3L she’s got extractors and a decent intake on her already. It’s my first car, I’ve grown up around cars my entire life and have rebuilt a...
  2. D

    how much should i be asking for a vk efi 202 3.3L and transmission good price?

    have a vk efi 202 3.3L engine and auto transmission done 250.000 ks new dizzy cap leads spark plugs running good when taken out last weekend.. and not sure a good price and dont wanna get ripped off or rip any one else off either feed back would be good