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  1. 6

    [ACT] VL Berlina, Manual, 20s, Suspension, Brakes etc.

    ITEM: 1987 VL Berlina PRICE: $3000 ono LOCATION: Northside Canberra, ACT YEAR: 1987 SERIES: VL s2 BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: RB30 non turbo TRANSMISSION: Manual COLOUR: Red over Silver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Fair INTERIOR CONDITION: Fair TYRE CONDITION: 50% (Heaps of tread but wearing more...

    [QLD] Lowering on 20's and 'bump stop' question

    Hi Guys, STORY: I had 20's on my car and had SL all round, no worries. I wanted the car lower so got SSL in the rear, car was scrubbing and was burning plastic alot (guards already rolled). - While the SSL were in I tested the drop of the car with my mechanic. Got in car, handbrake...

    [QLD] Lower Springs in the rear on 20's ??

    Hey guys, I've got 20's on my VT and i know i have SL Kings in front and my mate told me he fitted SSL Ryder springs in the rear? (picture below) Few Q's: (1) Do you think the rear is as low as SSL Kings? (2) What springs will I need to to get the rear gaurd to be covering the...
  4. I

    VX Berlina lowered with black 20's

    hey guys. just wanted to show some pics of my car, im 17 and this is my first car. I bought the car off a mate who had done some engine mods to it to make it quicker than the average ecotec. right now it is on ultra lows at the rear with the original springs on the front, the black 20s on there...
  5. vp_exec

    [VIC] VP II, Exec BT-1, COME 355, TCE 3800rpm conv, TH700, New 3.45 IRS, HP-F tuned, 20's

    ITEM: VP Series 2 Exec, 355 stroker, TCE 3800conv TH700, 3.45 IRS, 20's LOCATION: Latrobe Valley, Victoria YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VPII BADGE: Executive - BT1 ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: 4-sp Auto COLOUR: Dove Grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good TYRE...
  6. Drumo

    Drumo's Nickel VE SV6

    Hi guys. Here's my MY09 VE SV6, and upgrade from my VXII Calais. Midnight Express Tint. Wheels are Apec Beast 20". Got it lowered Friday on Kings - 30mm drop at the front and 40mm at the rear. Thanks to Wholesale Suspension Penrith for the ace job. Before lowering Lowered Really...
  7. JBoags

    [NSW] 03 VY manual sedan. Slammed with 20s

    ITEM: 03 VY Commodore Sedan LOCATION: Newcastle, N.S.W YEAR: 2003 SERIES: VY Ser 1 BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8 eco tech TRANSMISSION: Standard manual gearbox. car built manual.. not conversion. COLOUR: Quiksilver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good condition. Regualar paint chips...