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  1. VRSS

    Corey's VX Clubsport R8. Manual, coulsons, sunroof, 20's

    Hey guys just picked up my new car. Bit of an upgrade from the old VS Stato and i'm heaps happy with it!! Found it on the net and was speaking to the owner for about a week, left work at lunchtime yesterday, hopped a plane to melbourne and drove it home to adelaide last night, got home at 1am...
  2. N

    NUMODE90 Clean Quicksilver VX Calais Supercharged. on 20s

    Hello just posting some pics of my 2000 VX Calais S1 NAME: shawn (NUMODE90) MODEL:2000 VX Calais Series 1 KMS: 153000 COLOUR: Qucksilver ENGINE TYPE: Supercharged L67 POWER: Standard EXHAUST:Standard GEARBOX: Stock DIFF: LSD (stock) BRAKES: Stock SUSPENSION...
  3. davey g-force

    Davey's MY09 VE SSV

    Here's my phantom metallic MY09 VE SSV. I've had it since late November 2008 and it's taken me this long to post pics! It's mostly stock ATM. I've done a few cosmetic mods to it, as you'll be able to tell from the photos. MODS: 20"x8.5" and 20"x9.5" Stamford wheels Lowered 1.5"...
  4. M

    Putting bigger rims on VY UTE??

    okay, so ATM the fat ass on my driveway has the standard suspension with king springs in (KSSL) and i was wondering if i was to chuck, oh lets say some 20's on her, would i need to get the rest of the suspension upgraded with a camber kit and a more heavy duty set of struts and shocks? i want it...