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  1. R

    [VIC] SSz 18" wheels, Pedders springs (lowest legal), redback catback exhaust 2.5" for sale

    hey everyone, for sale i have some SSz GENUINE rims with tyres, a used set of Pedders Lowest legal springs (currently on a V6 VY S II, and a Used catback 2.5" redback exhaust for a v6 VT/VX/VY for sale. for details and pics refer below. ITEM: SSz genuine rims with tyres. will probably...
  2. R

    [VIC] 2.5" Lukey catback for VY V6 series 2 (NEW/UN-USED)

    ITEM: 2.5" Lukey catback for VY V6 series 2 (NEW/UN-USED) LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne, Bulleen CONDITION: New PRICE: Negotiable (regarding pick up, half way meet, ect) $155 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up only. i live in Bulleen, its near Templestowe/Doncaster PAYMENT...
  3. tdirago

    VX Exhaust System - REDBACK 2.5" CAT BACK EXHAUST

    Looking at getting a new exhaust system and currently on P's so cant really be bothered spending any dosh on the extractors. I have a VX executive Was it the correct to choice to pick the REDBACK 2.5" CAT BACK EXHAUST? Like i've been to a few muffler places and they say they're all the same...
  4. S

    exhaust 2.5" or 2.25" ?????

    hey everyone, i drive a VY S II and im wanting to do a full exhaust upgrade eventualy. i want to replace headers, pipes and muffler. was just asking if i should be getting a 2.5" system (most people see to go for this) or a 2.25" system?? i wont be doing to many mods to the engine, just intake...
  5. S

    VY S II exhaust help for beginer!

    Hi to all the other VY owners on the site! I just purchased a VY S series 2 and need help with exhaust. This is the first car that I plan on getting involved in performance modifications, previous car I only played around with stereos and speaker, so I’m a complete beginner and have come here...
  6. Raremetal

    2.5'' Catback Exhaust, series 1 engine in series 2 body. [With out extractors]

    Hey guys. Just wondering with out buying matching/different extractors would this fit no problems? I don't have heaps to spend at this point in time. Eventually Id like to get extractors as well + new shockies/springs from my last post. Shouldn't be any dramas should it? just unbolt the...
  7. C

    Holden Commodore VS Exhaust Prices

    Hey guys, just wanting to replace my stocko exhaust on my commodore VS with a sports exhaust from the cat, got told I dont need the cat replaced unless its screwed as Im looking more for the sound not performance. So what I was looking at was a 2.5" sports exhaust from the cat with muffler, and...