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  1. K

    VH 253 Problem

    I have a VH 253, 4spd, performance manifold, extractors, 600 Holley. After driving for about 25-30 minutes every time she starts choking and cuts out. I have replaced the needle and seat in the carb but no change at all. To get her to fire back up I give the carb a few taps and might get anther...
  2. Elscrappycoco

    [308] 253 stroker internals into 308

    hey guys I've got a 253 stroker with a crow cam roller rockers etc... I have a 308 black motor for my vk with light scoring in bores 30thou over Im wondering what internals would be interchangeable.. if any at all Anybody have any ideas or played around with this before?
  3. juiceie vh sle

    [General] How to - convert timing cover/water pump bolts to metric. 304, 253, 308

    Ok so after trying to order new bolts from holdens for my timing cover and water pump i found out that they can't supply a full set and what they could supply was something silly like $160 for only half the bolts. So i got one of those hotblitz sets and found out there not worth the steel there...
  4. L

    Convert 253 to 308

    As the title suggest, I am swapping a 253 out to a 308 in an auto VH (next step is to sell the car if problems persist) I mainly need to know if the auto x-member, auto linkages and tail shaft are the same for the t400 as the trimatic. also is there somthing anyone thinks i might have...
  5. L

    vb front suspension

    Is there a key to removing the front springs out of my vb? Iv compressed the springs and now having trouble removing the top end plate and bearing. How do i get the nut off without the whole shock spinning around?