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  1. LawnPotato

    Torque Power Manifold Heater Hose Connections

    Howdy brains trust, I've gone down the 355 rabbit hole and I have just a few questions about my heater connections. It's a TP dual plane low rise EFI and I just need some confirmation on the correct way to hook up my heater hoses. Does it go heater to water pump, water pump to manifold, manifold...
  2. The Enforcer

    304 Retrofitting the Quadrajet on a VR V8

    Orright - I am bettin there will be some miffed EFI fans - this is not to discuss the politics of this. Easy enough to get is the new dual plane spreadbore manifold and a new old stock Quadrajet I am interested in fuel pressure regulation and the overview of the ECU - would retain that for...
  3. vscom88


    Hi I have been doing vats delete tunes for a few years now for memcal based ecus. These are commonly for ecus that need the security aka vats deleted from them to enable the vehicle to fire up. Most cars that require these are vehicles that have had other engines other than the factory option...
  4. Adrian's Vr

    5L swap questions

    Im thinking about putting a 5L in my vr, but im tossing up as i have a manual v6 (loom and ECU) with heaps of cash put into it and a $600 clutch, so i dont know if i should put a v8 in as idk what will cost me more in the future and what is actually fatser, also some people say a v6 clutch fits...
  5. S

    [NSW] Engine Number Information

    Hi guys, just got a motor with the engine number N968079P. Has EFI and a T700 fitted but came out of a toner. I can’t find any info on this prefix, other than a comment that the N and P related to the state (NSW) and Police, but this doesn’t sound right. Can any help shed any light on what car...
  6. C

    304, no spark problem

    Ok, post for my brother who isn’t on here. He’s recently picked up a VR Ute with an injected 304 strokes to 355. It’s running a standard dizzy, upgraded fuel pump, Haltech platinum and a few other bits. It’s also a 5 speed manual. Bought it and drove it. Filled it up and then it would crank...
  7. Podja

    93 Senator cuts out, then runs perfect after 2mins

    Hi everyone, Ive got a 64 EH ute with a 93 VR Senator engine fitted. Has been running fine for years however everytime i drive it, it starts first turn, runs & idles fine. Then when i drive it she has a cough then stops all within the first 2 or 3 ks. It WILL NOT start again no matter how...
  8. M

    cammed 304 video thread

    post up any videos of cammed 304's and what cam youre running
  9. M

    post your cammed 304

    post up your cammed 304 holdens and what cam youre running
  10. M

    Vl 304 conversion wiring

    Doing a vt 304 & getrag conversion into my vl and before i drop the new engine in want to rap my head around the wiring. What do I rip out of the vl and what mew ecu/bcm/wiring do I need to put in Any info or diagrams would be great, cheers
  11. M

    Vt 304 into VL

    after some advice or anything I might need to know Bought a VT ss with the 304roller motor and T5. Wanting to put into my VL My questions; -Will my VL power steering rack fit? If not will the vt rack fit? -What K frame will I need? Can I use the VT k frame?
  12. Carguy440

    Will it work?

    will an auto trans from a vs 304 go into a vn 304? Asking for a friend needing an auto for his vn Calais
  13. V

    304 knock--- Need help!!

    Gday guys New to the forum so would love your help. I've searched this forum and Google all over and haven't found a solution or answer to my problem, only threads that weren't completed, so thought I'd start a new thread. I've recently bought a VP s pack 304 factory auto, completely stock...
  14. Deetorious

    Vs 5ltr water pump problems

    I have myself a 1995 commodore vs ss 5ltr (Engines a VP v8) anways my issue is my fan belt is not lined up straight and it looks to be the water pump causing the issue, the guy I brought the car off was doing up a LH Torana. Im wondering if his mixed the two pumps up or have a got a dodgy after...
  15. Mick G

    VR HSV cold air intake to suite VN 304

    Hi guys, Just wondering if the VR HSV cold air intake wil suit a vn. I’ve been told it does, but on installation, the big mouth hits the bonnet. Is there a trick to this? Can’t drop the radiator further. Any help will be great. Cheers
  16. L

    Vs 5l clutch issues

    Hopefully someone can help. I'm completing a manual conversion in my vs club sport but for some reason the clutch will not disengage . I've checked the cable and pedal which all seems fine. But the clutch is stuck on the whole time. The clutch and thrust bearing are brand new. Any suggestions...
  17. mashy94

    Haltech E6GMX 5L base maps? (or s/c 5l map)

    Hey guys just posting to see if anyone has any Haltech E6GMX tunes/maps lying around for a supercharged 5litre? or just a stock n/a 5litre tune to start me off ? cheers!
  18. J_Caprice

    Jordy's Vs Series 3 Caprice - Build Thread

    Hey guys, been using these forums for years (even since before my account was made) but have never posted anything until now. Thought id throw up a bit of an overview of my weekender as you don't see to many clean ones anymore. I've had the car for about 2 years so have a few things to cover and...
  19. vnss355vyssLSA

    VN SS 355 no fuel no spark ecu issue?

    Hi everyone, didn’t know if I should post in the VN-VP section or on here but I’ll give it a shot... So I’ve recently purchased a 1990 s2 VN SS 355 after not having one for about 10 years. So basically the car won’t start, doesn’t have power to the pump, and no spark. I thought I’d start with...
  20. I

    T5 conversion

    Hey guys I have a 1997 vt clubsport 5ltr 195i auto and was wonding if you can put a t5 manual gearbox in ? I can get a getrag conversion kit for the clubby but I've been told the t5 is better and stronger, if i was going to go a t5 ehat do i need todo in order to out a t5 in ?
  21. I

    [TAS] Conversion

    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  22. I


    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  23. J

    304 need help with turbo/superchargers

    Ok so iv got a 1995 vs senator (304) mostly stock and im thinking of going single/twin turbos maybe supercharger my goal is around 410hp i just need advice on what i should go and what price im looking at My brother has a vr v6 with a turbo but its all apart right now so he knows about that...
  24. J

    Vs 5lt wont start

    I havent driven my ute in a few months then decided to change the exhaust system on it up single pipe system, i also changed the starter motor at the same time but now it won't start, i have fuel at the feed and return lines at the firewall and have spark but it still wont start. I even changed...
  25. EYY

    [VR-VS] VR-VS 5L Conversion Guide (Also applies to VN-VP)

    The easiest and most cost effective way to go about this conversion is to buy a donor car. 304 powered VS' can be had for under $1000 at the moment, and after selling off a few unwanted parts from the donor vehicle, you can minimise the overall costs of your conversion. I'll just outline a few...
  26. A

    Vs 5 litre statesman oil pressure problem

    Hey everyone, new to the site and I know that this issue probably has been covered before but it really has me stumped.... The oil pressure light came on in my 5 litre the other day and started sounding like a diesel. I immediately switched her off, checked oil, all good, as every other post...
  27. E

    Help please VS SS BT1 304 not firing

    have recently replaced the spark plugs, leads and the distributor, rotor button and cap in my vs ss set the timing drove it for a week and it still wasn't responding the way it should felt sluggish. Yesterday after a big drive it wouldnt start straight away and left me stranded for over an hour...
  28. C

    Urgent VN-VS 304 5L pwr steer pump fit a vt 304 5L?

    Will a VN - VS 304 5L Power Steering Pump be the same as the one on the VT1 304 5L? Cheers in advance for replies (note if repeated post, sorry, will remove if someone could confirm) thanks heaps.
  29. Scrubmonk

    [VIC] T5 V8 Clutch Cover

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Cover plate to suit 5L V8 with a T5 gear box LOCATION: Mildura, Vic. CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank transfer. CONTACT DETAILS: PM, email- [email protected], call 0409554699...
  30. speed__demond

    great dyno tuner SE melbourne? holden 304

    hey all got me car running as best as I can with the mail order tune. its not ideal, but it drives fine. just doesn't idle properly and feels a bit sluggish for what it is. the motors 10.5 comp with a crow 4761 cam. motor had a freshenup a few years ago. I realise mail orders cant tune...
  31. speed__demond

    ecu same? statesman 5l / v6 commodore

    okay got a vs statesman 5l. will any vr/vs v6 computer fit? I wasn't certain because I don't know if the statesman have anything different in the harness. im using my own memcal and from what ive read the 6 and 8 have the same computer,... I think...:hmmm:
  32. speed__demond

    304 10.5 comp and crow 4761 cam idle and power issues

    hey all, got the new motor in this weekend (finally) just a few minor problems. I hav to turn the idle cable up so it idles at 1000-1100 so it wont stall.. also its pretty gutless really... could this all just be the timings off? I have to get hold of a timing light so I thought id hit up...
  33. G

    [SA] FS Garage Cleanout various VK Calais parts and Holden V8 Parts

    LOCATION: (SA – Adelaide) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide or will post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or cash on pick up CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible PICTURES: can email pics if...
  34. B

    [VIC] WTB - 304 Injected 5L and t700

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: 304 injected 5L with ecu and wiring loom, turbo 700 auto trans. LOCATION: Vic, South East. CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pick up, willing to travel a fair way if you have what i want. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS...
  35. speed__demond

    304 help choosing a torque converter

    okay guys got a new engine goin in the stato, runs 10.5.1 comp with a 4761 crow cam and 3.45 dif gears cams supposed to peak between 2500/5500. they recommend using 3.7 diff but its an auto and with the 3.45 it revs decently high on freeway as it is. that being said I have got another 3.7...
  36. speed__demond

    changed everything! 304 still missing...

    okay so had a miss for months, slowly got worse and worse and now its just plain crap! the idle is smooth but every 5-10 seconds it misses and when I accelerate its splutters and misses all over the place. changed: plugs twice, leads, cap, button, coil. manifold gaskets. all vac hoses. and the...
  37. speed__demond

    304, code 13 oxy.. brand new oxy?

    hey I replaced my oxy in the vs 304 and still get code 13.. its pluged in properly and everything.. just wondering if anyone knows if its fused anywhere, or if theres a wire connection I should be checking if its loose somewhere?
  38. speed__demond

    304 manifold change, high idle??

    okay so had a vac leak so I changed the manifold gaskets, car drives okay a little rough, but not too bad. ..but when in park or neutral it idles at about 1800, could this be from the manifold cleaner I sprayed out the tb with? or do I have another problem?? I was gunna see what it does...
  39. speed__demond

    water temp 304?

    okay, so my stock guage sits at 1/4 at full temp. that's all well and good, however... when I put my au thermos on I installed a top hose sensor to an aftermarket guage. it reads normal temps and slowly rises until it tops out at about 120C is that a bit high?? also could be hotter as the...
  40. speed__demond

    304 manifold leak? 304

    hey all my car (vs 304, duel fuel) has a flat spot when accelerating harsh and runs rough when accelerating normaly, the idle also changes between 600-800 every 10 or so seconds. I tried the wd40 trick around the manifold/injectors and the idle did change, either dropping 100 or raising 100...