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  1. G

    VH BY2?

    Hi all. I'm trying to confirm what I have as specific info for my 83 VH is hard to find. It is tagged: L31 (308) M21 (4 spd man.) GU4 (3.08) Engine is VT code with B cast heads Colour is 1B 003-D which is Manet Blue. Looks very similar to Police Blue (1B 079) From the info I've read BT1 and BO1...
  2. S

    [NSW] Engine Number Information

    Hi guys, just got a motor with the engine number N968079P. Has EFI and a T700 fitted but came out of a toner. I can’t find any info on this prefix, other than a comment that the N and P related to the state (NSW) and Police, but this doesn’t sound right. Can any help shed any light on what car...
  3. RedVrclubby



    Making a custom cluster for a vk

    Hey guys iv got a 84 vk 308 with a bit of work done to it and im wanting to make a custom cluster for it has anyone done this on here and have any tips? Or suggestions. My odometer stopped 81k can you get electronic ones to keep track of what your doing or just forget about the ks? Cheers
  5. W

    VH SLE Power Steering Hard Lines Trouble

    Hey all, I've recently purchased a VH SLE (factory 6cyl) that has had a 308 swap done at some stage and I'm having a bit of trouble with getting the power steering hard lines installed. The previous owner left the 6cyl hard lines in there before doing the engine swap and sold as unfinished...
  6. Elscrappycoco

    Injected straight 6 to carb v8

    hey guys bought a vk sl with the injected black 202 Pulled it all out and planning on putting a black 308 in it I picked up cheap Just wondering if anybody has a quick run down on what wiring can be used/ has to go etc..
  7. Elscrappycoco

    [308] 253 stroker internals into 308

    hey guys I've got a 253 stroker with a crow cam roller rockers etc... I have a 308 black motor for my vk with light scoring in bores 30thou over Im wondering what internals would be interchangeable.. if any at all Anybody have any ideas or played around with this before?
  8. A

    95 Vr V8 manual ute

    Hi all, I own a Vr 5L V8 ute which died on me whilst on my way to work. I noticed that morning when i left for work when i put my foot down it'd hesitate before revving. When the engine stalled out it would kick but not fire so i got it towed to the mechanic who said it was putting out a fault...
  9. G

    [SA] FS Garage Cleanout various VK Calais parts and Holden V8 Parts

    LOCATION: (SA – Adelaide) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide or will post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or cash on pick up CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible PICTURES: can email pics if...
  10. vscom88

    VH SL V6 Tahitian Blue painted pedl box blue centre caps colour coded

    Hey guys so I bought an 82 VH SL as a little project car and below are some details of current and future mods, specs of car and engine. Things marked in brackets are old specs Car 1982 VH SL Holden Commodore Colour: A very lightly faded Tahitian Blue Windows: Stock for now but will...
  11. M

    vl 5ltr 308

    hey guys i have a 5ltr 308 vl engine and wanted to know what are some good mods that will give the engine some extra power
  12. VK SL 3800

    [NSW] FS: Holden 308 Black Motor & trans

    LOCATION:NSW DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred but i can help with delivery/ strap it onto a pallet etc. Engine is in Wagga Wagga NSW. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash or Bank deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Just Private message me via the forum ITEM: Black 308 removed from an 84 vk commodore...
  13. H

    What to do?..

    Hi just bought a vl calais wagon 308. 450 holly pretty sure.. Edelbrock extractors.. Was a cheap buy from a mate but I want to know what I can do to make it a top contender?.. Ideas would be great cheerin!!??
  14. juiceie vh sle

    [General] How to - convert timing cover/water pump bolts to metric. 304, 253, 308

    Ok so after trying to order new bolts from holdens for my timing cover and water pump i found out that they can't supply a full set and what they could supply was something silly like $160 for only half the bolts. So i got one of those hotblitz sets and found out there not worth the steel there...
  15. S

    VH SLE undecided

    I have gotten my hands on a VH SLE but am not to sure what to do with it, a few people have said just to turn it into a burn out car or a bush basher. It has: 308 LSD 144,000kms Trip computer Lights still work/radio Drives No rips or wear on seats The problems that it has...
  16. H

    my VL S2 CALAIS V8 HOTVL hope yoy loke

    HOTVL v8 series2 calais MAD show car 1988 SERIES II VL V8 CALAIS.Factory sunroof cardinal red still factory paint.Engine 308 big solid cam, vl heads flowing 500hp, barry grant carb, performer manifold (modified),decked block,dont want to give to much info away.Engine bay has been stripped of...
  17. Satkinson

    VL 308 Conversion

    Heres some pictures of my VL 308 conversion, 90% completed just needs a tune up, shifter surround made up and a Certification.
  18. Satkinson

    Vl v8 conversion

    Hey i have dropped a 308 into my vl with a quadrajet and a th350 gear box and need some help on wiring it all up does anybody have a wiring diagram for this? cheers
  19. 1SIKR8

    [308] 308 back yard build

    Bit of a background story on me, im 19. i own a VT s-pack and a VK that i was given off an old lady up the road as she didn't drive it anymore. i just purchased at 308 V8 out of a VK off my girlfriends mum, also came with a turbo 350 or 400 auto ( they don't know which it is, will mention...
  20. squiblex

    VK 308 fuel system problems

    hello i just bought a VK 308 pretty standard besides an exhaust an aparently stage three heads an a cam ( yet to find out ) it has a in tank fuel pump an sender unit an the things completly cactus!! im havin trouble findin a replacement wrekers dont have any an im to poor to buy genuine lol i...
  21. M

    304 Carby or 308 Carby?

    Got a question for you all, Planning to put a V8 into my VK and stroke it out to a 355 with a nice carby setup. My question is would I be better off using a black motor block that came stock with the VK/VL or using a later model VN+ EFI motor and putting old school heads on it to run a carby...

    [VIC] [email protected] ignition kit for 308

    ITEM: [email protected] IGNITION KIT Brand new never fitted to engine. Was going to go straight gas with torque power manifold but went standard efi setup on vp 5.0 instead. LOCATION: Bayswater, Victoria CONDITION: New PRICE: $800.00 neg DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred, But can...
  23. iaydemir

    [VIC] VH W58 5 Speed Manual Conversion for 308

    ITEM: Supra W58 5 Speed Manual conversion modified for VH. LOCATION: Victoria, Northern suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: 1800 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: Guys up for sale is a full Supra w58 conversion kit modified...
  24. Jbird

    [VIC] edelbrock performer manifold and worked heads to suit 308, 355

    ITEM: Hey there I have an edelbrock performer inlet manifold (dual plane) and cast heads with oversized valve springs, ported and polished 60thou. These are complete heads, spent 800 on heads alone and 230kw were made with this set up on a vk. Comes will all lines and hoses. LOCATION: VIC...
  25. L

    Convert 253 to 308

    As the title suggest, I am swapping a 253 out to a 308 in an auto VH (next step is to sell the car if problems persist) I mainly need to know if the auto x-member, auto linkages and tail shaft are the same for the t400 as the trimatic. also is there somthing anyone thinks i might have...
  26. D

    308 in a VP?

    Hey, I have a 92 VP Calais and found a nice 308 for rather cheap, would it be worth ditching the V6 and replacing it with the 308? What would be needed to complete the conversion? Cheers
  27. V

    vk 308 dual fuel not running on petrol?

    hey, got a vk with a 308 carby in it. Used to run on petrol fine but i have been running it on gas for a month or so straight. And now it won't start on petrol. Even if i'm driving and i switch it over it just doesn't do anything, like it's not getting any fuel. Any ideas. I'm lost. Cheers.
  28. V

    vk 308 clutch problem

    hey, got a vk 308. Think it's got a m21 4 speed manual box in it. Got it cheap cos the clutch was slipping. Just wondering if i need to convert it to a hydrolic clutch or can i leave the cable clutch in and where can i find a replacement? And roughly how much will the parts cost? Cheers.
  29. Disturbed_vegeta

    308 ticking sound

    did a bit of serch but i couldnt find anything appart from that the problem could be sticky lifters...but the go is that i just got a vk 308 4 speed from a mate, and it had a few issues with dieing and not starting for a while but i got that sorted, and now i went up to get some take out in it...
  30. J

    VH Track / Toy car

    Well its time for my toy car to go, change of job & selling my house has taken alot longer i had planned. VH commodore track car, $3750.00 ono, 308, 6ltr high enery circuit (with extra fitting for turbo/supercharger oil return)ported heads, new valve springs, single plane manifold, carter...
  31. joshc236

    where can i get a Blue 308 to fit a VH

    does anyone no where i can get a blue 308 to fit a 1982 4 speed VH?