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  1. I

    3.45 Diff rebuild

    Hi, im on a budget and my diffs LSD has given up, im planning on rebuilding it with new clutch packs. Has anyone done this or know where to purchase these parts from? Thank you in advance
  2. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  3. Ripcell

    [VIC] 3.45 diff gears and LSD center

    ITEM: 3.45 diff gears and LSD center LOCATION: Vic CONDITION: Used PRICE: $350 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup from ferntree gully PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT INFO: 0425358343 OTHER INFO: 3.45 gears and LSD out of my VZ. Had 113k on the clock when they came out...
  4. Chris_

    [VIC] WTB - VE LSD diff centre 3.45

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VE Commodore 3.45 LSD diff centre LOCATION: Vic Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay shipping, will travel up to 1.5 hrs from CBD PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM me OTHER INFO: Looking for...
  5. W

    3.45 LSD Questions

    I just found this Ford Holden Falcon Commodore 3.45 28 spline LSD complet (eBay item 250798051638 end time 07-Apr-11 19:19:35 AEST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats on ebay and was wondering if it would be able to be put into my manual vs wagon. Also, is 3.45 a good ratio for a 5 speed? I mostly drive...
  6. 5spdVS

    3.45 or 3.7 diff gears into my 5spd VS S?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in buying some new diff gears but wasnt too sure whether to go 3.45's or 3.7's. Would love to hear some opinions/recommendations. Thanks!
  7. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] FS: irs lsd with 3.45 gears

    ITEM: Vp irs lsd from a vq stato(from what ive been told) LOCATION: brisbane north qld CONDITION: used but is in good order, judging by the gears in it i'd say its been rebuild at some stage because i dont thnk any vn-vt irs diffs came with 3.45s unless theyre out of 215i 6speed senators...