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  1. LawnPotato

    Torque Power Manifold Heater Hose Connections

    Howdy brains trust, I've gone down the 355 rabbit hole and I have just a few questions about my heater connections. It's a TP dual plane low rise EFI and I just need some confirmation on the correct way to hook up my heater hoses. Does it go heater to water pump, water pump to manifold, manifold...
  2. C

    304, no spark problem

    Ok, post for my brother who isn’t on here. He’s recently picked up a VR Ute with an injected 304 strokes to 355. It’s running a standard dizzy, upgraded fuel pump, Haltech platinum and a few other bits. It’s also a 5 speed manual. Bought it and drove it. Filled it up and then it would crank...
  3. vnss355vyssLSA

    VN SS 355 no fuel no spark ecu issue?

    Hi everyone, didn’t know if I should post in the VN-VP section or on here but I’ll give it a shot... So I’ve recently purchased a 1990 s2 VN SS 355 after not having one for about 10 years. So basically the car won’t start, doesn’t have power to the pump, and no spark. I thought I’d start with...
  4. Z

    [VIC] Wanted To Buy - CSV (Corsa Special Vehical) VS Volanti

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy /Swap MAKE: Holden / Corsa Special Vehicle (CSV) MODEL: VS Volanti / Strata FACTORY LEVEL: 3-5 (Must Have Bolster Seats) TRANSMISSION: Manual or Auto COLOUR: All colours considered PRICE: 5-15k CONTACT DETAILS: M- 0407936230 Call or Text...
  5. R

    304 355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Peoples So i am building a VK with 355 supercharged motor and have some questions about intakes. The motor is built for boost, and i am using a Vortech V1-T trim. (work in progress) I am will run a 7" crank pulley and 3" charger pulley so it will be maxing out the impeller speed at max...
  6. R

    355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Fellas Long time reader so i thought i would get in on the action. I am building a VK group 3 replica, and i have a 355 stroker build to boost to go in it. I am running a vortech V1-T trim with a front mount intercooler. What i am stuck with is intake design. There are lots of threads...

    Twin active hat- trying to finally throttle routing pic!

    Hey all. Anyone got pics of throttle cable placement for the Twin Active hat/ stock TB'S? ? Looking at dummy fitting everything up before the engine/ parts coming back from the machine shop...

    304 COME 590 ALLOY HEADS- Thoughts??

    Hey all. Just wondering who's got them and are they happy with them?? Thinking of getting a set but wondering if they've required re-aligning of the valve guides etc.??
  9. GRPABT1

    [QLD] 400kw BT1 VN, 355 stroker, twin trottles and more

    ITEM: 1989 VN BT1 Absinthe yellow PRICE: $15000 firm. LOCATION: Townsville QLD YEAR: May 1989 SERIES: VN BADGE: BT1 executive ENGINE: 355ci Holden V8 TRANSMISSION: T56 6 speed manual COLOUR: Absinthe yellow EXTERIOR CONDITION: Could do with some work. INTERIOR...
  10. Brendo169

    [WA] '97 VS Senator 355 Stroker

    ITEM: 1997 VS II Senator 355 Stroker PRICE: $12,500 negotiable (now $10,490!) LOCATION: WA, north of the river YEAR: 1997 VS II Senator SERIES: VS II BADGE: Senator ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Genesis Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Good WHEELS...
  11. A

    HYP090 VN Berlina Build from 3.8L - 304 - 355

    HYP090 VN Berlina Build from 3.8L - 355 Hey this is my vn berlina project... Its currently a POS 3.8L v6... but i recently bought a vs statesman 5L as a project but decided to use the vs as a doner car for my vn... ill be transferring the 304 over to the vn so i can drive around with the v8...
  12. N

    304 355/Supercharged tolerances needed??

  13. 1SIKR8

    [308] 308 back yard build

    Bit of a background story on me, im 19. i own a VT s-pack and a VK that i was given off an old lady up the road as she didn't drive it anymore. i just purchased at 308 V8 out of a VK off my girlfriends mum, also came with a turbo 350 or 400 auto ( they don't know which it is, will mention...
  14. Brendo169

    Brendo's HSV Senator 355 Stroker

    Name - Brendan Model – VS II Senator Colour – Genesis Blue Body kit – Standard HSV kit Engine –355 Stroker built by Kwinana Performance Gearbox – Rebuilt 4spd with stage 2 kit and 3000 high stall Power – 205rwkw or 275rwhp Torque - 315ft/lb or 427nm 1/4 Mile Time - 14.665 @ 95.03mph...
  15. Jbird

    [VIC] edelbrock performer manifold and worked heads to suit 308, 355

    ITEM: Hey there I have an edelbrock performer inlet manifold (dual plane) and cast heads with oversized valve springs, ported and polished 60thou. These are complete heads, spent 800 on heads alone and 230kw were made with this set up on a vk. Comes will all lines and hoses. LOCATION: VIC...
  16. N


    Was going T-trim, but seeing as countless people go from Vortech to turbo charging rather than going the same route, decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to a single turbo set up. Would a GT4088 with .70 A/R/ 1.06 A/R (my preference- earlier spool up?)be a good choice or should I go...
  17. Jezmont

    304 SS to 355 Stroker

    Hey all, I have a VR SS 304 that I am planning on blowing out to 355 stroker. The current engine is mildly worked with ported heads, stage 2 cam, memcal, high flow fuel pump, CAI, extractors and a few other mods, it goes very hard but want to do something different. Does anyone know the best...
  18. 96VS355

    Coolant vs water

    Wondering if anyone can help with this one? Some say "use coolant," some say "use water plus corrosion inhibitor only." The motor in question is a 355 stroker with a slight rebore but standard radiator and clutch fan which seems to be on a bit more since rebuild last sept, spends a lot of...
  19. 96VS355

    355 Stroker pinging

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas, I've had my 1996 304 rebuilt as a 355, and I've found it's developed intermittent pinging. On a cold morning it doesn't make a noise, but once it's been running a while, or on a warmer day, you can almost predict it when you step on it. It's round 10-10.5:1...