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3.5l v6

  1. Cody Jayne

    Overheating and aircon not working?? SV6 2009 VE sportswagon

    hey everyone! Having some issues and would love some opinions on what’s going on! My car has 255,000ks, no leaks or anything like that and I get her serviced on time. My oil, coolant and water are all filled up (not over filled) The only issue I have is my transmission on the computer is...
  2. W

    04 Rodeo Engine problem

    I have an 04 RA Rodeo dual cab 3.5l 5spd man. On the weekend the car started running rough i topped it up with some oil and only fixied it up a little, an O2 sensor light flashed up possibly running rich, petty smelling exhaust and hell smoky on the down rev. I had a roadside mechanic come...