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  1. M

    Timing chains replacement VE 2006

    Hello can anyone tell me at what mileage I should be looking at changing the timing chains on my 2006 v6 Commodore. Car recently purchased and with out history ,showing 168,000 klms. Fault code light was on and dealer said it was timing chain/ tensioners needing replacement but light...
  2. G

    Vz 3.6 Cranks but wont start

    Hey so i am having a problem with my vz. I had the car driving real nice, i drove it around for 20mins around town and it started getting real gutless, also sounded real deep like air flow box was undone, then the check powtrain came on for a little bit and dissapeared, i drove it home now it...
  3. J

    Vz Ute problems

    Have a 3.6 vz ute, recently done timing chains in it. Put it together drove ok but water pump leaked due to a damaged bolt so took timing cover off fixed that put back together it started and drove now it won't start I turn the key and there is a delay for the reds coming on and the tacho moves...
  4. Aymen Pedram

    3.6L LLT SIDI Just finished changing chains.. A bit confused HELP!

    Car - 2009 Holden VE Ute Engine - 3.6L SIDI (LLT) Timing Kit - Cloyes Brand Kept throwing codes for exhaust side cam fast forward to now, i've replaced the timing chains and idler gears (NOT THE CAM GEARS) Everything goes on nicely, all marks line up not rocket science. Problem is.. When im...
  5. J

    Transmission stays in top gear

    Hi, I have just bought a 2005 WL Statesman 6 cylinder. The previous owner has told me it recently started playing up with the ESP turning itself off or activating at random times like activating the brakes and kicking down gears etc. then it would lock itself in top gear (not sure if 4th or...
  6. C

    [Alloytec] Real SIDI conversion

    Ok. So before any of you jump in with silly responses like not worth it or just do LS I'm not interested. I personally don't like V8 so it's off the table. Now to real reason I'm posting. I'm going to be buying a commodore soon as a project car for cheap. Now it'll either be a vs or a vz as I...
  7. M

    VZ 3.6ltr cooling system woes

    Good day gentleman... and ladies, I bought myself a 2005 Holden VZ 3.6ltr wagon just over a year ago and ever since i've owned it, i have nothing but trouble... Please believe me, i have read over and over previous posts and whilst some have helped, none have resolved or even quiet described...
  8. J

    worth replacing 3.8 and auto?

    G'day guys so dads VX series 2 equipe wagon has just hit 420,000km, its pretty much stock, just the usual tradie extras (roof racks, cargo barrier, boot and back seats loaded with tools) mechanic has told us that cylinders 5 and 6 are really low on compression compared to the other 4, he's...
  9. C

    Pacemaker Long Tube Headers.

    I have a request for any vendor or able person. I need the dimensions of these headers to see if they fit my engine bay. It seems theyre very common. I need to know basically how far they stick out from the heads and what the width(including the gaps between the pipes) are. Best Mufflers the...
  10. SV6SidiUTE

    Booked in for a tune - SV6 SIDI :)

    After a fantastic user on here "SV6SIDI" had posted a link to Powerchip I have decided to call them and discuss their package terms and such. The car will be on the dyno before and after with printouts supplied. The engine itself will go from 210 to 226kw without any headers/intake etc. So...
  11. Shamous69

    My VE

    Hi all, I bought a 2007 VE Omega a week ago, very happy with it. It's my first Holden, has 40k on the clock, 19" mags, SV6 wing. No other mods as yet.