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3.8 v6

  1. Jessi Meekin


    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! So I’m wanting to get an OBD1 BLUETOOTH/WIFI scanner for my 1992 VP Holden Commodore. I’ve been told I have a 6 pin adapter located where the glove box is and that an OBD2 scanner won’t work in my car as it’s fairly old... I’ve been looking on eBay and so far I’ve had no...
  2. D

    Hi-flow cat

    I got a vy wagon I'm putting a cat back 2.5 exhaust on I was thinking about doing a hi-flow cat too just looking for opinions on this whether I should do it or not ???
  3. D

    Unable to start 2000 VT? Need a guru!

    Hello there everyone! :) Thought I would give this forum a shot - as i have already paid for two separate call out Auto Electricians and the bill is just.. incredible. I have also regularly used this forum in the past for information i may have needed. Blimmen great community guys! Basically...
  4. R

    VX Head gaskets replacement

    Hey people. I have a VX Supercharged L67. Just wondering if i need to replace head bolts whilst replacing head gaskets? Thanku for any advice.
  5. A

    Auto tranny problems on 3.8 V6 '92 Commodore Station Wagon Executive

    Hey guys, am new on this forum, just looking for a bit of advice on my Commodore as am starting to run out of ideas what to do next! The car has been leaking tranny fluid from the gasket seal around the pan since December, but only very slowly. Drove all the way from Sydney to Canberra for...
  6. vango003

    My VT exec 97' V6

    Hiya, Bought this VT about 2 or so months ago after selling my Nissan 300zx. been using some of the money to change the car up a bit. Installed new headlights, tail-lights and a VX boot garnish. New 2.5" redback exhaust, but gotta get them to remove one of the mufflers as they installed 2 of...
  7. X

    Lukey exhaust for VX series 1 S pack 3.8 Quote seems HIGH

    After researching this forum, in SA I emailed Carline at Marion for a quote for these parts: # AL5-5712, # T5713 and a chrome tip + clamps (Lukey) as some had said should only be about $300 installed or even less. Just a catback. This is what the quote came back at... "The Lukey system for...
  8. G

    VP Sale Price

    hey dudes, got a VP exec v6 it has Hot Cam, Mini spool diff, line locker and is chipped drift spec suspention strengthened gearbox body is excelent and so is interior lowered front has BT1 Chaser rims has sound system just had service and is running brilliant has blown the...