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  1. M

    Vt calais engine swap questions

    Hey guys, I understand this has probably been asked before but I've just joined "just Commodores" and have a quick question. So I'm replacing the motor on my calais as it has finally let go after 360.000ks and a full day of hooning on the track. I'm just wondering when you separate the motor...
  2. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  3. DjHarmes

    VY V6 loom on VX?

    Hey everyone, so I blew my motor in my vx bout a month ago and brought a motor and box out of a Vy with the loom, I was wondering if anyone know if it's straight plug and play or if there's any differences between the 2 , cheers
  4. B

    Dash lights & Interior Light Not Working

    Hi guys, I have a holden vp v6. I went to change batteries over and i accidentally put on the battery ports on the wrong ones like a idiot and it sparked up and i have checked fuses under steering wheel and they are all fine? Thanks.
  5. K

    X-Trail Commy V6 Swap

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has thrown a commy V6 into an X-trail or something similar? Mine shat itself recently and i thought, hey why not throw a commy 6 in it... as an X-trail engine is gonna cost me my kidney. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. cheers, Kolby
  6. S

    WH Caprice 3.8 V6 Crank Groove - Rear Main

    Hi all, Iv got a rear main leak, after taking the plate off the back of the motor I noticed a groove in my crank. Is this standard for a car with 140,000ks? Is this something that has to be rectified before installing the new plate and seal? Cheers Scott
  7. J

    95 Vs ecotec engine swap

    Hey guys just another post about swapping out my 3.8 and trans. I pulled out the motor and box in the shed a few weeks ago, and ive got myself a parts car now so im ready to rip this one out and chuck it in my good car. So im wanting to take motor, trans and also the lsd diff, and ive been told...
  8. D

    Cranks and so nearly starts, Fault codes 35, 48 and 92 :(

    In my ecotec 3.8 v6 2000 commodore, the fault codes are suddenly: Idle speed error, Cam angle sensor (no signal), and Low speed fan fault! I replaced the cam angle sensor upon getting these fault codes. No change previously diagnosing why it wouldn't start, the fault codes were standard...
  9. R

    Supercharged VX starting difficulties recently. Now wont start at all.

    Hey folks. Ride is a VXii 3.8 supercharged. Had the car 3 years, very reliable, always started first kick. Three weeks ago i blew a heater valve in heater hose line. Engine beeped very hot, computer appeared to shut down engine and i was roadside for a day...
  10. J

    worth replacing 3.8 and auto?

    G'day guys so dads VX series 2 equipe wagon has just hit 420,000km, its pretty much stock, just the usual tradie extras (roof racks, cargo barrier, boot and back seats loaded with tools) mechanic has told us that cylinders 5 and 6 are really low on compression compared to the other 4, he's...
  11. 3

    vr running rough, shaking and misfiring losing power

    Yo dudes, so the other day I was cleaning my car checking oil etc as a potential buyer was coming to have a look at it. Anyway was running fine before then when I started it to move it out the garage all hell broke loose and it just started shaking and misfiring on idle. So I drove it down the...
  12. Petrievl

    Buick Plastic 3.8 Manifold Ideas?

    hey everyone, just thoughts over the last few weeks, putting a plastic manifold on an ecotec 3.8 from the buick regals, bonnevilles etc.. ovbiously loom, plugs etc. would have to be modified but im going to give it a shot in the next few weeks on a sparey ecotec. any ideas, know of...
  13. W

    vp calais commodore front winscreen airvents not working?

    Hi all just picked up my first car and first commodore and need a bit of help it is a 1993 vp calais hsv enhanced everything is working fine except for the aircon vents at the windshield and the cruise control any ideas on whats wrong? any help will be appreciated cheers!
  14. S

    VT Series II Modification

    Hi everyone. I am looking to purchase a few mods for my VTII V6 and I was wondering if anyone could post back with some helpful suggestions as to which particular part or brand best suits each category. The following type of mods will be bought and everyone's own personal opinion would be...
  15. vps_are_the_best

    how to get power out of a n/a 3.8 buick

    Simply i want to know how to milk the power out of these classic motors...my vc commodore has one out of a vr and it already has the plenum removed from the manifold, high flow panel filter, mendrel bent 2.5 inch exhaust-straight through cat, straight through muffler and a glass pack hotdog...