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    Vs Ute Camper?

    Hey there, I own a 1998 vs v6 ute and have had it for a little over a year now. I am currently wanting to go camping and get a little out doors more. I've thought of trading in the ute for something such as a van allowing me the option to deck it out, though i'd miss the mighty v6's power. I...
  2. S

    VU ute supercharged conversion on P's

    Hey there, i'm new to this forum and i don't even know if i'm posting this in the correct area, but here it is... My parents and I are buying a VU s pack ute in metallic yellow v6 3.8L 2002 model, and my father has a spare l67 (v6 supercharged engine) out of a Holden caprice 3.8L, we are...
  3. B

    3.8L coolant draining problem

    I am trying to drain the water/coolant from my engine I have removed the 2 drain plugs on either side of the block but nothing came out. There is water up to the thermostat as I have removed that and I can see it in there. Anyone have any ideas what I have to do to get the water to drain? I...
  4. G

    vn commodore engine issues?!

    hello, i have a Vn v6 series 2 engine in my hilux and am having issues now the engine has had all the gaskets redone and a fresh coat of paint, been bolted up into the car and wired up, engine starts fine and is pure.. has however got an issue with oil, pump pressure is fine sitting at...
  5. T

    New member needing urgent help!!!!

    Hi, im Tim a new member to this Forum I recently brought a 01 VX Commodore 3.8l auto with 180000 on the clock. The service warning came on so i got every thing to do the job. before i drained the Oil i added some Engine flush to clean the engine out. I then jacked the car up and could not get...
  6. S

    [VIC] 1997 VS SII Commodore Executive Manual, 3.8l Midly Worked

    ITEM: 1997 VS SII Commodore Executive Manual, 3.8l Mildly Worked. You can read up on the list of mods on the carsales link down in "Pictures" section below LOCATION: Victoria, East Keilor YEAR: 1997 SERIES: VS SII BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8l Ecotec TRANSMISSION: 5speed Manual Getrag...
  7. L

    3.8L Manual VG ute

    I have decided it's time to start overhauling my VG. It is a stock 3.8L buick with a 5 speed, from what i'm told this is a rare combo. I dont know weather to rebuild the 3.8L, or drop in a 5L. Any advice would be great.