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4 channel

  1. taylooor

    Sound System help. Will I overload my amp?

    Hey guys, I have an Alpine sound system set up consisting of a 12" Type S sub, a MRP-M450 Mono amp, a MRP-F450 4 channel amp, two 6x9's in the parcel shelf and front door splits. Im looking at adding another sub to the equation but not sure if I will consequently end up overloading my amp...
  2. Jet Pilot

    Help - how to activate 4 ch mode in Ve series 2 head unit

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if someone out there knows how to get into the menu on the head unit to change the mode from 2 channel to 4 channel in a series 2 VE. (I have previously been able to do this on a series 1 - though it seems its different with the new IQ system). I have a ute and...