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4 speed

  1. A

    2002 vx executive manual conversion 5 speed

    Hi, ive been looking at converting a 2002 vx commodore executive from a 4 speed auto to a 5 speed manual, ive already got prices on the conversion kits, but with the diff that runs on the auto, will i need a different diff ratio to run a 5 speed? If anyone has had this done and could advise me...
  2. joshc236

    Racing Clutch Kits and Gearbox for VH

    Does anyone know how much a racing clutch kit and gearbox would be and where i could get one from to fit a 1982 4 speed vh.
  3. joshc236

    where can i get a Blue 308 to fit a VH

    does anyone no where i can get a blue 308 to fit a 1982 4 speed VH?