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  1. B

    4L60E transmission no drive in 4th gear

    I've got a 4L60E transmission behind a 355 stroker (original VT SS 5.0L) that was running fine, but now I have an issue where I can't get any drive in 4th gear. I can accelerate through 1st, 2nd and 3rd to 100km/h, as soon as i back off, my revs drop back to idle as if the box is neutralising...
  2. R


    So basically I need to repair/replace the gearbox in our VT HSV and I was looking for advice & recommendations as to where/who to carry out the work. Any help will be kindly appreciated as there are so many dodgy repairers out there.
  3. M

    4l60e better shifting

    Hi all, I was talking to a transmission specialist today and we were talking about shift kits for the 4l60e and he mentioned that you can adjust your force motor screw around 1/4 of a turn and it will raise line pressure and improve shifting. Well anyway I've got another transmission sitting...
  4. Kaoss

    4l60e vx wagon transmission cooler not connected

    Hey guys, my vx wagon has the trans cooler looped into its self (i dont dont if thats a cop car thing they did) but i swapped the trans and motor and the new trans didnt have cooler lines either. do all 4l60e transmissions have oil cooler ports and if so what should i get to re connect it...
  5. J

    Taraction Control, isthe 4L60E trans different with or without TC?

    Hi all, I am not clear as to how the Traction Control actually works on a car, Vx Commodore specifically. Like does it have anything at all to do with the transmissions, or is it solely the PCM, wheel sensors and ABS ? As I need to replace the trans on the Vx, and have a perfectly good Vt one...
  6. SUS231

    VR 4l60e line pressure adjustment

    Hey all, another question that has probably been answered before, anyone know where the line pressure torx screw is on the vr auto? Only place I can see is the rear passenger side of the auto underneath the speed sensor plug? And will fluid pour out of there if I take it out? I know this...
  7. S

    6l80e vs 4l80e vs 4l60e

    I haven't been able to find a thread on this, and some info websites can be a bit cryptic. Want to build a stronger transmission for the wagon (vz exec), as I want to eventually boost it. I've looked at 3 transmissions so far, the 6l80e, the 4l80e and the 4l60e. From what I can decipher, the...
  8. J

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    So I recently did a gearbox change in my vx calias 5.7 and when Ive turned accessories on I heard a shorting out sound, all the fuses were fine so I didn't think anything of it. So I went to take the car for a drive and when I started the car t the check engine light came on and I noticed I...
  9. Z

    Gearbox chatter in 4th at 100klm/hr - 1999 VT Series II Equipe

    G'Day all, I may have an issue with my 4L60E gearbox in my 1999 VT Equipe, if I drive it at 100klm in "D" (4th) it chatters when I touch the accelerator lightly, not always but enough to know there is an issue. Once over 2K RPM, no issues, in 3rd from standstill to 100klm+ no issues. Any...
  10. J

    Swapping torque converters help?

    Hey just had a question about swapping torque converters I want to put a cam into my vy ss and will need a bigger converter, a bloke is selling a high stall converter from a t400 and was wondering if that would fit into my cars 4l60e box and if it would bolt up to my current flex plate(ls1)...
  11. J

    Question about swapping converters

    Hey just had a question about swapping converters I want to put a cam into my vy ss and will need a bigger converter, a bloke is selling a high stall converter from a t400 and was wondering if that would fit into my cars 4l60e box and if it would bolt up to my current flex plate(ls1) without...
  12. moocow

    WH LS1 shift kit

    Hey guys, Yesterday I bought a WH statesmen. It's an LS1 and apparently has a 4L60e transmission. I have a 4L60e trans out of a VS commodore that I put a stage 2 shift kit in. I want to transfer it to my stato and I'm wondering, are the valve bodies the same? As in, can I just take the valve...
  13. Nessie1996

    2HFD (4L60E) Gearbox - Mystery tabs/lugs?

    G'day fellas! I've got a VXII transmission (2HFD 4L60E) and it has 2 mystery tabs (drilled out about 14mm maybe). There's one on each side of the box, one just near the filler-tube and the other symmetrical on the other side of the box. They appear to be totally useless, anyone know what...
  14. T

    help-trans cooler lines stuck!!

    Hi guys. I'm trying to swap out the 4l60e in my vr ute but the trans cooler lines at the box are tight as and I'm gonna round em off if i pull any harder on the spanner..... Any ideas how to get it loose without cutting? Please?
  15. T

    Fitting a 4L60-E VR tranny behind a VP/VN motor with no Cam angle sensor HELP!!

    Hey guys, Long time member, you guys really helped get my last truck "off" the road...was hoping I could get some more of your commo v6 wisdom...these are the best motors for 4wding in a hilux...so much poke for such a little truck! plus great fuel economy and drivability once you get em...
  16. B

    t700 rebuild kits?

    Hey all, I have a mate that works in a trans place and we are going to rebuild my trans at home, just curious if anyone has any experience in what kits are good and if I can get a "complete" package or do I have to buy extras on top etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a 4l60e as...
  17. capsey7

    [Ecotec] Transmission recondition, WA Perth

    Hey guys, Wondering where the best place is to get my 4L60e transmission reconditioned (for my 2001 V6 VU), I have heard dimoff is good. What sort of price should I expect to have it reconditioned. Considering having a corvette servo installed and possibly a stage 2 shift kit. Open to any other...
  18. D

    vs ss gearbox problems

    I've got a series 3 VS SS ute with a worked 4L60E 4 spd auto and stage 3 more stall only done about 3000 kms since the box was put in. Recently i took off from a set of lights and as soon as the car shifted into 2nd the car "bogged down" and is as if i was driving with the brakes on. if i put it...
  19. J

    VY Adventra LS1 - RWD manual conversion

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to convert my AWD Adventra LS1 to rear wheel drive only. I would like to do a manual RWD conversion using a T56 box and run a conventional RWD commodore setup (getting rid of all the AWD stuff). OR I am considering keeping the 4L60E auto box, and converting the...
  20. P

    Which 4L60E gearbox do I have?

    Hi all, I bought a VR v6 engine off a bloke the other day who had a few parts and wrecked commos lying aroung and he threw in a 4L60E box as well, which he claimed he was fairly sure it was from a VR also, but cuoldn't have been from the same VR as the motor because the box was still in that...
  21. SLE-883

    Mechanical Speedo with gear box with electric VSS - what to do?

    As i've got a VR engine and 4L60E gearbox, I'm trying to find a solution to retain the original speedo. I know a few conversion places sell something called "Cable-X" but their asking in excess of $600. I've found one in the states on ebay for half that landed in OZ (Ebay item) What I would...
  22. H


    hello all i have a question ? would i be able to use a 4l60e out of an 03 silverado 1500 (lm7 5.3 ) for my calais without changing stuff?
  23. J

    turbo 700

    4L60E gearbox conversion would anyone be able to help me out with a wiring diagram for the vs gearbox loom i am about to rewire my vc and i seem to be having problems finding a wiring diagram to suit i dont wish to by the work shop manual for one page if anyone can help my email is...