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  1. M

    04 Rodeo 4X4 W/Nissan SR20 Conversion

    Hey guys, My rodeo has recently had a lower bearing issue and is now up for a new motor (Motor has done 280 000kms). My mate has a Nissan SR20 engine that he said i could have, but i wasnt too sure if it would fit, and if it would still allow me to use the 4WD (I bought a 4WD to use it.... so...

    [QLD] 92 Diesel Landcruiser, excellent condition, many extras, QLD RWC **SOLD**

    ITEM: 1992 80 series Landcruiser Diesel. SOLD PRICE: Offers over 12k considered. Swaps not considered. LOCATION: Caboolture QLD YEAR: 01/1992 SERIES: 80 series Diesel BADGE: Landcruiser ENGINE: 4.2 naturally aspirated 6 cylinder diesel TRANSMISSION: 5spd 4WD with low range and free...
  3. Calaber

    Why so many 4WD's?

    I drove to the local shopping centre yesterday. Because my wife and I care for our grand-daughter, we can use the parents-with-prams parking facility. When we searched for a parking spot, I couldn't help noticing that the area was filled with 4WD after 4WD, nine of them in line, out of twelve...