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5 speed

  1. YoungHoldenMan

    HELP! What transmission could/will fit a 07 ve sv6?

    My transmission has recently shat its self in my 2007 VE SV6 Holden. Ive been looking around for a M82 transmission (the type of gearbox currently in the car) and finding it hard to find one at a price I can afford. Just wondering if any other gearbox's would fit? like a 6 speed? Also, I'm...
  2. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...
  3. I

    97 III Maloo gearbox problem

    have a 97 maloo and looking for a new gearbox.. are the t5 and getrag the same gearbox or are they different ?? will the s3 vs v8's and s1 vt's gearbox fit into mine ? its in the first few of the series 3s but still with a 185i motor . it does have 260k on the clock so should i put a new...
  4. H

    Transmission stopped working - VZ Calais

    Hi guys, This is my first post as I've just got my hands on a VZ Calais and need some help getting it going. It's a 2005 model 5 Speed model. After getting a new battery and getting it turned on and what not, I drove the car for perhaps 500 meters before stopping at a set of lights. After...
  5. Y

    New toy VN V6 5 speed performance rebuild

    So new toy 180,000 grand parents spec mint as a daisy motor rebuild n diff ideas please Motor so far planning (N/A) (stock looking) Tell your dad Putting a cam with around 220 duration and enough lift to get me close to .500 lift with 1.7 roller rockers So increase compression (shaved head...
  6. D

    Installing short shifter, 5 speed.

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a short shifter and didn't come with instructions, I've taken all the console out amd everything and was wondering where do I go from here. (Picture attached) I'm guessing I've gotta get underneath the car but will I need to drop the box or is it just the bolts...
  7. B

    auto gearbox changeout cost

    Hey dudes. Got a very nice stock vn i just picked up and she seems to be hanging up in 1st a bit.. wondering what the average changeout is and whether or not there is a 5 speed auto that'll drop in her?
  8. andrews0604

    [Ecotec] VX manual conversion 5 speed steps/guides??? anyone got anything?

    Im kinda new to this forum so excuse me if this is in the wrong section or something, i have bought a complete vx 5 speed conversion kit for my calais, and plan to do it myself, was hopeing someone would have some information or steps on how to do this. As i have an idea but would like to be...
  9. Manual Calais

    vn T5 Heavy Duty Parts?

    T5 Heavy Duty? Hi all, I have a T5 in my vn, and recently the imput shaft bearing has shat it self and ive got a price of 730 bucks to run a bearing & seal kit through it. I've also been test driving a few vn manuals for sale because ive been thinkingto just swap the box over. what I have...
  10. W

    3.45 LSD Questions

    I just found this Ford Holden Falcon Commodore 3.45 28 spline LSD complet (eBay item 250798051638 end time 07-Apr-11 19:19:35 AEST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats on ebay and was wondering if it would be able to be put into my manual vs wagon. Also, is 3.45 a good ratio for a 5 speed? I mostly drive...
  11. iaydemir

    [VIC] VH W58 5 Speed Manual Conversion for 308

    ITEM: Supra W58 5 Speed Manual conversion modified for VH. LOCATION: Victoria, Northern suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: 1800 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: Guys up for sale is a full Supra w58 conversion kit modified...
  12. heggsy

    vs manny computer same as vp manny com?

    hey guys.. im just bout to start doin my manny conversion on my vs. i have a manny computer from my old vp.. is it possible to use this in the vs? cheers
  13. B

    want to swap my 5 speed for an auto

    I want to swap out my 5 speed gearbox and put in an auto box so my missus can drive it. Is this an easy change over ? anything i need to be carefull of ? does anybody want to swap there box ? cheers
  14. S2_VR_

    [NSW] 5 Speed Conversion, AND LSD CENTRE

    hey guys.. i've decided to sell my 5 speed box and LSD centre. and a few other p[arts i will list soon... The 5 Speed was in a VP Executive it had 93,XXXkm, yes 93,XXXkm. The LSD Centre is out of a VR Berlina, but will fit any VN, VP, VR, VS. and other models but not sure which others...
  15. J3zza

    Vs 5 speed conversion

    Hi Guys, Im new to this forum , Im in melbourne and im after a 5 speed either a t5 or a getrag for my VS V6 Berlina 1995 just wondering if anyone knows where I can get one and if so how much? Thanks for your help guys !
  16. xtreme_sony

    Done 5Spd Conversion in VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?

    Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ? Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?. Im running the auto computer with modified auto loom, running fine. No probs. But i wouldn't mind to get a manual tuned MEMCAL to make my VP...
  17. kniever

    91 5ltr vn calais

    91 5ltr vn calais (now manual) Name: Ben Model: 91' S2 VN Calais Colour: alpine white over silver Bodykit: none Engine Type: 5.0ltr V8 Engine Mods: cai with high flow top,lukey hi-flo air filter,70mm throttle body, 10mm leads, msd coil, twin au thermo's, and a couple other bits and pieces...