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  1. M

    My 5.0 looks different?

    First time posting : ) I recently bought a 1999 vs 5.0 manual. After looking at other 5.0 vs engines ive noticed mine looks different. I couldnt find much information about different models of 5000i engines so im here to ask you guys. Also how do i upload pics?
  2. 5

    VP 5000i Clubsport Genuine and Original

    Guys, Would really appreciate some thoughts and suggestions on my car. I am thinking about getting rid of it, as it really doesn't do a lot for me anymore and is just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Here is the run down. Completely original 5000i Clubsport (big brakes and 4...
  3. HSV.006

    VQ stato with 5000i engine!!

    Car - VQ statesman series 1 born in 1990 Engine - 5L hsv red motor (5000i) Exhaust - HSV extractors, twin 2.5",2 gutted cats, muffler on each pipe, into one hotdog resinator and out the back Mods - HSV front brakes Leather interior HSV steering wheel Lower springs at the moment just a...