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    Help please - 92 vq statesman with vs ss engine.

    Hey people, I bought myself a 92 Vq 5.0L as I first car with a vs ss engine in it. What is happening is I've had a few problems lately and it's ended up in my car trying to kick over but something's stopping it. It's sputtering and doing tiny backfires. What first happened is one day...
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    [VIC] vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection

    ITEM: vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection LOCATION: Ballarat vic YEAR: 1995 SERIES: vs series 1 BADGE: statesman caprice ENGINE: 5.0 v8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: green EXTERIOR CONDITION: good INTERIOR CONDITION: good TYRE CONDITION: good TYRE SIZE: depends which...