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  1. vscom88


    Hi I have been doing vats delete tunes for a few years now for memcal based ecus. These are commonly for ecus that need the security aka vats deleted from them to enable the vehicle to fire up. Most cars that require these are vehicles that have had other engines other than the factory option...
  2. Carguy440

    Will it work?

    will an auto trans from a vs 304 go into a vn 304? Asking for a friend needing an auto for his vn Calais
  3. mashy94

    Haltech E6GMX 5L base maps? (or s/c 5l map)

    Hey guys just posting to see if anyone has any Haltech E6GMX tunes/maps lying around for a supercharged 5litre? or just a stock n/a 5litre tune to start me off ? cheers!
  4. T

    Diff advice for vs 5 litre wagon

    Hey guys, So my 5 Litre Manual Wagon, blew the spider gear in the diff so I am looking for a bit of advice.. it is a Non LSD 3.08 and I am wondering do I get the diff reco'd and hope it is as good as a LSD (Will spin both tyres) or do I go buy a 3.08 LSD or any other commodore diff.. At...
  5. B

    [VIC] WTB - 304 Injected 5L and t700

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: 304 injected 5L with ecu and wiring loom, turbo 700 auto trans. LOCATION: Vic, South East. CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pick up, willing to travel a fair way if you have what i want. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS...
  6. speed__demond

    vs 5l flat battery only sometimes wtf

    okay my vs 5l decides to have a flat battery sometimes but not aways. i have put in a brandnew alternator, battery and upgraded all my ground and charging wires to 0 guage. today it started after a few days no problem and ive started it a few times all day no worries, but tonight i have to...
  7. L

    304 Is it worth it? If so where to go?

    HI guys this is my first post :) so forgive me for any wrong doing... OK so this is my question I have a VS Clubsport auto and have the following mods done to it Twin 2.5 free flowing exhuast with hi flow cats Genie extractors 70mm Throttle body and Mace CAI Would it be worth spending x...
  8. bazinga

    Fuel pump questions

    I have a vn calais 5litre on dual fuel but ever since i have owned it the fuel pump has not worked so i can only run the car on gas.Im thinking of getting the fuel pump fixed very soon just wanted to know the answers to these questions. Fuel pump expensive to get and fitted?what would be a...
  9. bazinga

    Power steering leak on 5litre

    ok just found out my vn 5litre has a massive power steering leak and its leaking under the left side of the motor (so other side of where you put the fluid) now my cars to low to get my jack under there so i cant have a good look to see where it's coming from so i am wondering on that side of...
  10. Scido

    VQ 5L starting problems when hot.

    I know this is probably a fairly common occurrence but i cant find anything with the search tool for a 5L. So the deal is the VQ wont start when its hot, its really slow to turn over like the battery hasn't got much power or something. Replaced the battery, alternator and starter motor...
  11. bazinga

    $2000 5litre vn calais

    [[5LCalais]] Just bought this after selling my turbo r31 decided i needed to go back to a vn and a holden! she needs a little bit of work but i see potential tell me what you think =D Car: 1990 Vn calais-dual fuel ENGINE: 5litre 304 out of a statesman Exhaust: 2.5inch cat back stock...
  12. bazinga

    ticking noise....extractors?

    got a 5litre vn calais and its got this ticking noise from the engine bay and the previous owner said there is a small hole is the left extractor just want to know would a hole in the extractor make a ticking noise or was he just bullshitting me and it's something else? and would welding the...