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  1. Adrian's Vr

    5L swap questions

    Im thinking about putting a 5L in my vr, but im tossing up as i have a manual v6 (loom and ECU) with heaps of cash put into it and a $600 clutch, so i dont know if i should put a v8 in as idk what will cost me more in the future and what is actually fatser, also some people say a v6 clutch fits...
  2. J_Caprice

    Jordy's Vs Series 3 Caprice - Build Thread

    Hey guys, been using these forums for years (even since before my account was made) but have never posted anything until now. Thought id throw up a bit of an overview of my weekender as you don't see to many clean ones anymore. I've had the car for about 2 years so have a few things to cover and...
  3. Pos

    304 How good is this for my VR ute?

    Hi all, just ran Rnd 6 Of the Sydney Dragway track championship series & I have to say even though I only made it to the semi's it was weekend of PB's. 15.07 was my previous PB. Friday night Q1 [email protected], Q3 [email protected], Q4 [email protected] & my semi final run was the best yet [email protected] All I...
  4. Pos

    Exhaust wrap for Pacemakers

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has done it themselves, used exhaust wrap on there V8 Pacemakers & how much difference did it make to under bonnet temps & how much did you use? I'm not sure if a 50ft roll is enough for a pair of 5l Pacies for mr VR? :idea3: