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  1. 4D_SUx

    vs 5ltr with weird engine number

    Just a brought a nice vs ute, 5ltr and their are some weird engine numbers onit. It starts with the letter S and with a number at the end. Speaking to every1 I know, they haven't got a clue, most start with VU I think.
  2. 5

    About ready to throw the whole car in the bin

    Hey all. I'm suffering a misfire gremlin and im at my wit's end. Please chuck some suggestions at me. Car is a 1999 VT commodore S1 with the 5ltr conversion. Auto. Engine is stock. Consistent misfire through entire rev range. From idle to 4000. Doesn't change in any gears, forward or reverse...
  3. H

    5LTR Conversion

    Geday all, just found a cheap 5ltr I’m considering getting to chuck in my VR Ute. Only problem is! Comes with a auto computer. Has anyone ran an auto computer on a Manuel, if so what are some issues that come with it? and is their anything anyone would recommend doing/not doing after past...
  4. Deetorious

    Vs 5ltr water pump problems

    I have myself a 1995 commodore vs ss 5ltr (Engines a VP v8) anways my issue is my fan belt is not lined up straight and it looks to be the water pump causing the issue, the guy I brought the car off was doing up a LH Torana. Im wondering if his mixed the two pumps up or have a got a dodgy after...
  5. J

    VS ss tuning options and performance gains?

    Hey guys, looking at buying a VS ss which is a one owner car sight unseen. Anything too ask or look out for and also what are some good tuning options which will give similar power to a VP gts or cluby? Are the 5.0 tuner friendly and can I get some good power out of it or am I wasting my time?
  6. J_Caprice

    Jordy's Vs Series 3 Caprice - Build Thread

    Hey guys, been using these forums for years (even since before my account was made) but have never posted anything until now. Thought id throw up a bit of an overview of my weekender as you don't see to many clean ones anymore. I've had the car for about 2 years so have a few things to cover and...
  7. I

    [TAS] Conversion

    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  8. I


    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  9. VrDarrd

    1994 V8 VR Wagon

    Recently purchased a vr wagon for $1500, gonna try turn it into my daily. Heres a few pics of the car so far.
  10. M

    Vt 5ltr Fuel Tank Sucking in

    Hey, anyone know what makes a fuel tank suck in? Its got a brand new charcoal filter and fuel pump in it but for some teason the rank will suck in air? Mr 5ltr has drilled a hole in a spare fuel cap and it hasnt done it since i just dont want to drive around with a hole in my fuel cap. Haha any...
  11. E

    vs ute v6 to v8 conversion

    hi, new to this page was just wondering what will it take to convert a 6 to an 8 in my vs ute. I was told I only need to change the essentials (power steering/alternator/radiator etc. was also told it just drops straight in? is this correct cause getting told different things from different...
  12. M

    vl 5ltr 308

    hey guys i have a 5ltr 308 vl engine and wanted to know what are some good mods that will give the engine some extra power
  13. B

    [VIC] VN 5ltr Calais, $5k spent on car in last 6 months!! NEGOTIABLE ON PRICE!!!

    ITEM: 1990 series 2 VN Calais PRICE: WAS $6500 NOW $5900 NEGOTIABLE!!!!!! LOCATION: VIC, Werribee YEAR: 1990 SERIES: VN series 2 BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 5ltr 304 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Imperial Blue over Asteroid Silver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good...
  14. S

    the mystery 5ltr

    hey guys ive been trying 2 fix my 5ltr vq statesman on and off for afew months now because it broke down in a town 4 hours away and the only mechanic in the town is as dodgey as they come :( . i have spoken 2 alot of other mechanics and searched my heart out trying to find the answer but it just...
  15. levymetal

    5ltr missing on idle and load

    Hey guys, long time no visit.. :p I've got a problem with my VP 5ltr. It's missing at idle, and when I first take off it stutters pretty badly, and under load it stutters too, but cruising is fine. This problem has progressively been getting worse, at first it was an occasional miss, then...
  16. M


    Hey guys. I've been thinking about this for along time and I cant make up my mind, so imgoing to need some input. Option 1: stroked and blown L67 manual. Option 2:blown 5 litre manual. When giving your input please factor in price, economy and power. Help on this will be more...
  17. oohitsLUCAS

    VP/VS Ute

    I've been a member on here for a while but still not sure if i should really make this a build thread, as its going to take a while to build through and work up to my main goal as there are many obsticals i must pass before i can reach that , such as apprentice wages and p-plates. But anyway...
  18. M

    Vt 5ltr running lean help

    hi guys and girls first time poster just worndering if anyone has had the prob im having ive looked in the forums but no luck i have a 5ltr v8 berlina that stalls like its running out of fuel i can drive it just fine for about 10-20 kms in the morn on the highway nothing bad really happens...
  19. B

    [VIC] 1989 SV140 VN Calais, rebuilt 304 with 284 crane cam, rebuilt diff/auto/suspension

    ITEM: 1989 SV140 Calais LOCATION: Western Suburbs, Victoria YEAR: 1989 SERIES: VN Series 1 BADGE: SV140 Calais ENGINE: 304 5ltr V8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Pheonix Red EXTERIOR CONDITION: Pheonix Red paint in poor condition INTERIOR CONDITION: Average to good TYRE...
  20. B

    [VIC] Series 2 VN 5ltr Calais with extras!!! $6k negotiable (must sell)

    VN 5ltr Calais $6k negotiable OR + V6 Calais + SV140 V8 Calais $7500 ITEM: Series 2 VN Calais 5ltr V8 LOCATION: Western Suburbs, Victoria YEAR: 1990 SERIES: VN series 2 BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 304 with Gas Research performance dual fuel TRANSMISSION: Auto (stage 1) COLOUR...
  21. G

    buying VS 5ltr work done, need help,advice,guidance!

    Hey everyone, im new to this site, but i would love to find out as much as i can and any or all comments and feedback greatly appreciated. I am seriously looking at buying this 95 5ltr 304 holden commodore sedan, I have a basic list of specs of what it had done to the 304 engine below: Specs...