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  1. V

    VT 5SPD Wobbly Knob

    Ok guys i've got a VT SS 5ltr 5 speed manual and im looking at taking it onto a couple track days in the next few months and want to know if anyone knows of a fix for the old "wobbly gearknob" issue?????? I was told when i bought the car that theres some nylon bushes that need replacing but...
  2. RACE5L

    [NSW] FS: 5spd to suit VB-VK 6cyl(whole conversion)

    FS: 5spd to suit VB-VK 6cyl(whole conversion), wrecking VK ITEM: VK 5 speed manual gearbox to suit 6cyl and all fitting accessories needed to complete conversion, pedals, clutch cable, flywheel and clutch etc LOCATION: Campbelltown NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: $400 Firm DELIVERY/PICK...