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  1. C

    why has no one does this?

    so i've been digging around for a while as i wanted to see how viable a commodore would be for me to build (specifically drift but can apply to any other Motorsport) so i have 2 things to discuss. 1st of all why the f**k has no one does an r154/ay5/mau5 conversion when they bolt directly to a...
  2. 9

    I'm stuck please help

    Hey I'm converting my 99 vs ute from getrag to t5, I got an 8 bolt flywheel from the wreckerz along with everything else I'd need to convert the gearbox successfully. I removed the getrag along with the cluth and dm flywheel only to find two locating dowels, the 8 bolt flywheel i have doesn't...
  3. vscom88

    VS Commodore Series 2 1997 5 Speed Manual V6

    Name: Andrew Occupation: Apprentice motor mechanic My Car Built by my self all on apprentice wages Make: Holden Commodore VS Series 2, Executive Trans: T5 Manual 5speed gearbox Clutch: Ceramic exedy cussion button Tail shaft: 2 peice Diff: kaz lsd, 3:8.9 final drive gears Exhaust: Tuned pace...
  4. shaunington

    [VIC] or [QLD] WTB: VL Manual Conversion Kit (or parts)

    ITEM: VL Manual conversion (either a full kit, or individual parts, I don't mind) LOCATION: Melbourne or SE Queensland areas preferable, but am flexible. PRICE: Depends what you've got, make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pickup from seller, or meet somewhere. PAYMENT...
  5. vlmitch

    [WA] VL RB30 5speed conversion

    ITEM: I have a VL Rb30 5speed conversion. is still in car at this point. every thing is there exept the manual computer, think it has h/d clutch (not certain)... LOCATION: Perth WA CONDITION: Used PRICE: $600 in car, $700 if you want me to take it out. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...