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6 speed

  1. L

    Ve sv6 gearbox rattle problems

    I have a ve sv6 with 6spd aysin gearbox at idle with the clutch out there is an audible rattle when the clutch is pushed in it stops. Also in first and second under 1800rpm it makes a rattle then too most noticeable when going around a round about or taking off from the traffic lights. At first...
  2. N

    VX SS Manual, Revs drop to almost stall when disengaging clutch while driving

    Hey guys, seems I've got a problem with the old girl, when driving along, any time i put the clutch in, the revs drop to an almost stall, jump a bit and then and then gradually struggle back up to idle, this seems to happen pretty much any time i take load off the engine, any suggestions? Cheers :)
  3. P

    6L50 6 speed tranny oil change

    Hey all, Picking up my alto grey 2010 ve2 Berlina sportswagon this week. It's got 100k on it and would like to change tranny oil soon as I get it. I have scoured the forums for no real write up like there was with the old 4l60e. Have any of you had a successful crack at it? I have some...
  4. M

    [NSW] VX SS Commodore Quiksilver 6 Speed

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VX SS Commodore LOCATION: Central Coast, NSW CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash/ Bank Cheque CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] OTHER INFO: Looking to purchase an 2002 Model VX SS Commodore...
  5. A

    [VIC] VZ CLUBSPORT R8 6 Ltr Manual 320rwkw (Urgent Sale change of career) FULL YEARS REGO

    Selling on behalf of my friend Michael ITEM: VZ CLUBSPORT R8 6 Ltr Manual PRICE: $26,999 LOCATION: Hillside (western suburbs) , VIC YEAR: 2005 SERIES: Z BADGE: Example: Clubsport R8 ENGINE: Brand new L98 with receipt under 10,000 kms TRANSMISSION: 6 speed Manual...
  6. albert5268

    VYII SV8 6 spd

    Hi everyone... well it's been a long time (since 2005) that I've been looking for a new car and finally I have one. Model: 2004 VY Series 2 SV8 Engine: 5.7L Gen III V8 Transmission: 6 speed manual Colour: Red Hot Factory extras: Rear power windows, side airbags Future mods: (Green means done...