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  1. D

    VE 6.0L Cam and lifter failure

    Hi Everyone, I have a series 2 SSV with the L77 6.0 Litre engine. It had a top end rebuild with a few upgrades in 2014, has done approx 60,000kms since. Here are the specs: Comp cams 114° lsa Duration @ .050" intake 224 exhaust 230 Lift Intake .581 exhaust .588 Morel tie bar lifters Stainless...
  2. Thiele07

    Check oil light on idle

    2008 VE SS 6.0L So about 5 weeks ago my check oil light would come on when in idle e.g stopped at traffic lights but only once the car had been driven for about 15/20 minutes prior i would either take off or just put 700 / 800 rpm on and it would disappear so i assumed oil pressure was...
  3. J

    Vf ssv 6.0l re tune??

    Hi guys, currently own a vf ssv 6.0l that from new had a walkinshaw power pack upgrade which adds a CAI and 2.5 inch cat back exhaust with a Ecu tune. I'm looking to install the Walky/DPE headers for that more throaty noise that it would give the exhaust and am already delighted with how the...
  4. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  5. Sunnycoastcommodores

    VZ SS THUNDER - Weird noises and vibrations

    Hi all, Am looking at buying a 2006 vz Thunder SS ute and upon driving it (brother in laws ute, lost his license) have noticed some noises and vibrations that I have no idea what they could be. First one is when the ute is in gear and you let the clutch out it will sometimes grind. This...
  6. C

    Cams 6.0L VZ SS Ute

    Name: Cam Model: 2006 VZ SS Ute Colour: Impulse Blue Engine Type: L76 6.0L V8 Gearbox: 6Spd Manual Kilometers: 159,xxx (owned since 59,000) Stereo: Sony Double DIN DVD player. Wired in via an ebay sourced, patch harness so the factory steering wheel controls work. Mods/Wishlist List: Legend D...
  7. N

    VZ SSZ L76 6.0L into a VY SS Sedan

    Hi All, Seen a bit of info around on this one but got some questions that I haven't seen covered elseware. The LS1 in my VY SS has kicked the bucket, and I'm not hugely keen on fixing it. Got an L76 6.0L from a VZ SSZ on offer to me, and I'm pretty keen on getting a 6.0L motor into the VY...
  8. T

    07 statesman 6.0 backlash

    Gday, Got a VE stato 6.0, had the gearbox serviced and all is good by a reputable gearbox joint, had the diff serviced which actually didn't need servicing. The problem: Feels to me like theres a little slop or backlash or whatever you want to call it, in the drivetrain, gearbox or diff...
  9. B

    Series II V8 Aircon high & low pressure switch locations

    Hi all, a few weeks ago my aircon stopped dead. Had a closer look and the compressor isn't engaging. VE SII Calais V 6.0L. Took to to an aircon place to check the pressure & re-gas if necessary and there was plenty of pressure. I checked fuses and relays, all ok and I've never had an over...
  10. C

    workshops northern beaches

    hi all, Was wondering what if any workshops people are using and recommending on the northern beaches of Sydney. There are loads of v8s around and someone, somewhere is modding them, but who? i know i can go to CHE or Sam's or oztune or order almost any parts of the net i cant beleive there is...
  11. Daniels-VY

    Daniel's 09 430hp Quicksilver SSV Ute.

    Hey all, I've been a member of this site for a few years now and if you've read my name you can probably guess as to why. I used to own a 03 VY SS ute which was a lot of fun however I swapped to a 4wd for a year or so ago... However I'm glad to say that I'm back with my Holden's and am pretty...
  12. trixtrem

    Rebuilt, cammed VE Calais V, dyno run and results

    Here is my '07 Calais V on the dyno. The motor had 100k km on it when it lost a roller off a lifter and turned my oil into Black metal flake paint!!!. Motor was pulled, thoroughly cleaned, checked, measured, honed new rings, ARP head bolts, VCM cam, Hi Vol oil pump, GTS headers, diff back...
  13. J

    Best Performance Mods i can make to my L76 6.0L engine?

    money is no problem im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push rods, roller rockers...
  14. V

    VE OTR & CAT- back exhaust upgrade - worth it?? or go more??

    G'day first time on here posting, I've got a VE Ute SS and im looking to get some more sound & maybe a little more kick out of her. I've done a little web research (cause I'm new to the modifications scene) and chatted to a few people but I wanna know if its worth just getting the bare...
  15. K

    [VIC] Personalized plates "MR 6.0L" Negotiable

    [/B]ITEM: Personalized Number plates MR 6.0L LOCATION: Melbourne VIC CONDITION: Current plates are used, but as all plates they can be replaced, your paying for the unique design. Plates are sitting in my room at the moment, not on car. REASON: Was given plates from my parents, so one...
  16. V

    Ultimate street exhaust system VE 6.0L?

    Hi Everyone I am looking to modify my stock VE SS. I am not sure what exhaust to choose but i do want the best on the market. It has to be medium to loud sound nothing too loud but 3" is ok. Dyno results as proof would be much appreciated and all details of the exhaust and where you got the...