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60th anniversary

  1. R

    VE Drivers Door Replacement + Lock Replacement

    Just wondering as to how hard it is to replace a VE drivers door while also changing over the old lock barrel to the new door. If anyone knows the steps on how to do it, please let me know. Cheers!
  2. R

    2008 VE Omega 60th Anniversay

    Hey All! Had my Omega coming up to two years now and recently have had a bit of spare cash for some cosmetic mods. Model: 2008 VE Omega 60th Anniversary Colour: Heron White Engine Type: 3.6L alloytec Fuel Type: dual Power: 175kw Gearbox: 4 speed auto Work done: Full SS bodykit...
  3. T

    ve noise

    ok i just bought a 60th anniversary ve commodore and there's a weird swirly windy noise coming from the right rear passenger door i think thats where its comming from we went back to holden and they couldnt find the problem anyone know what it is
  4. H

    First car cheap modifications

    OK guys I am getting my hands on a 60th Anniversary Commodore (Omega) in a few weeks, what are some cheap ways to make the car look better? I was considering neons, spraying the calipers & mags and getting a straight through muffler. I am thinking my cap will be about $800.
  5. H

    What are the pros and cons of the VE 60th Anniversary Omega (MY09.5)?

    I'm thinking of buying one as my first car..