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  1. R

    94' remove metal speaker brackets and mount 6x9's to the parcel shelf alone

    hey guys just wondering if it is possible to do this or would the parcel shelf have a negative effect on the sound quality, vibrate etc. My friend insists proping the speaker up on a piece of cutout wood above the parcel shelf to fit the speaker through the original 6" metal speaker hole, to me...
  2. danielnitschke

    [VT-VX] Commodore VX-VT /// Installing 6x9 Speakers

    Hello All, Just finished installing some 6x9's in my VX 2002, much by trial and error. Thought I'd share with everyone and save people some time. There's no step by step that I could find on here that simplified things for us less savvy. 1. Remove back seat bottom part. (Pull two ties...
  3. R

    VB-VL Parcel Shelf replacement

    Thought I would try a replacement Parcel Shelf for my VH, the old one was 29 y.o. and falling apart. Bought some Pioneer Champion Series 6x9 and they weigh 2.5kg each !!! So out with the the old shelf. Luckily the magnets just fit in the steel Holes. I used 12mm MDF, I wouldn't go any...
  4. J

    VTII ACCLAIM rear parcel shelf speakers

    hey all. i am going to attempt to put 6x9 speakers in my rear parcel shelf area soon and i was wondering if someone could post a guide as to how to go about this. i already have the space but they are covered and i have no idea how to get the covers off as there are no visible screws i can see...