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94 vr

  1. C

    5l VR ute having a short.

    My V8 ute is having a short or something. If I put the terminals on its got a lot of spark like a welder plus the battery heats up. The negative terminal wire is melted and there is smoke everywhere. the wires get hot from the terminals to the altinator. Altinator is bran new and battery. Can...
  2. G

    vr 5L transmission slipping, what do i do?

    hey guys, recently my vr is slipping in 1st and 2nd I think, when im in 3rd and give it some throttle and it drops back to 2nd it doesn't grab the gear and just revs. when in 4th and drops back to 3rd it doesn't happen. it is getting worse, any suggestions? whats it going to cost?
  3. J

    New Bonnet???

    Hey all, I have a 94 Vr Commodore Executive and need a new bonnet for it. Paints flaking away and some nice stone chips appearing. Anyone know where i can get a replacement with a BO95 (Torquay Metalic Blue ) Paint job. Cheers
  4. S

    Ignition barrel and immobiliser

    Hi there, I have a 94 vr executive and I've been having trouble with my key lately not deactivating my immobiliser first time. After a few try's I get it and cars starts, after looking at my barrel wondering if I could just permanently disable it Id be sweet, pulled the plastic face off the...
  5. M

    94 VR Acclaim

    will post more info later
  6. Timoshii

    Weird Sound

    Hi all, I was recommended to this forum by a work mate and thought i would give it a whirl. I have this issue with my '94 VR Commodore Wagon, when I turn a corner at > 40k's I get this weird grinding sound. Its only happening when I turn right tho which is the strange thing. I have been...