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abs breaks vy

  1. LX8Adventura

    Adventra ABS Fault

    Hi Guys, Newbie here, I bought an LX8 recently, very nice car. Just recently i have been getting an ABS fault come up, brake fault and brake bulb fault come up all at the same time, but only at night. Any Ideas on what might be the cause, wiring issues, computer issue or something else...
  2. V

    ABS fault HELP !

    Hello people my vy s1 maloo r8 throws an abs fault warning every now and then i will turn the car off turn it back on and it is gone what can be causing it to do this?
  3. clarmatt

    Can abs be installed??

    i have recently got myself a 2003 vy ute, without abs. after driving with abs since i have had my l's i cant get used to it, the rear wheels lock and the car slides if ever i need to hit the breaks hard. my mate has a smashed vy station wagon, is there any way of taking his abs system out and...