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abs light

  1. Richard O'Donoghue

    Electrical Gremlins after reinstalling motor - VX2 SS commodore

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Last night I got my vx started back up for the first time after rebuilding the engine. I am now experiencing some issues today that I cannot seem to get my head around. Here are the symptoms when I turn the car on: Trac Off, Check Engine Light, oil light...
  2. B


    My abs light is on
  3. W

    VS Acclaim ABS off light coming on and off, chugging at the same time

    Afternoon folks, VS Acclaim "ABS off" light coming on and off, chugging at the same time. I bought it unseen for parts but i'm considering putting it back on the road. It came with a dead battery so i'm wondering if that is playing a part. It seems to chug intermittently on the drive home but...
  4. LX8Adventura

    Adventra ABS Fault

    Hi Guys, Newbie here, I bought an LX8 recently, very nice car. Just recently i have been getting an ABS fault come up, brake fault and brake bulb fault come up all at the same time, but only at night. Any Ideas on what might be the cause, wiring issues, computer issue or something else...
  5. M

    VR Abs light Stays solid while bridging Pin 5 , 12

    Hi, I found somewhere a list of ABS codes for the VR and because mine has a abs light that is staying on I thought I might give it a go and see what code comes up. So I Bridged pins 5 and 12 but nothing happened, the light just stayed on solid. I had the ignition off bridges the pins the...
  6. E

    Over heating problem causing Engine, ABS & Airbag warning lights to go off?

    I have a VY Berlina V6 Wagon. I apologise in advance for the length of the post, I just want to make sure I get all the details down so I can get the best possible answer. I changed the rear brakes on Friday (11-11-11), broke them in and then traveled into the city (about an hour away). Just...
  7. V

    ABS / Trac on-OFF, Oil, Engine Warning Lights on DASH

    Hi there everyone, I have got a VX SS 2001 Sedan. PROBLEM is firstly ABS warning light comes on then a few seconds later all others (Trac ON/OFF, Engine, Oil - like a bloodly christmas tree lights!) Then after checking all engine stuff - eg, oil,fliuds & belts still same thing. After driving for...
  8. simj79

    ABS and Bettery Light on, any Idea's on the problem?

    Hi guys, this morning the ABS light came on then the battery light. The battery light goes out under acceleration, but comes back on when I take my foot off. Any ideas what the problem is?? I have a 2000 Series 2 Supercharged VT "S"