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abs module

  1. N

    [NSW] Wanted 2004 WK Caprice LS1 ABS Module

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted ITEM: looking for working 2004 WK Caprice 5.7l V8 ABS module with traction control Bosch number "0 273 004 962" LOCATION: NSW SW Sydney CONDITION: Re-manufactured or Used. (new if cheap enough). DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage/shipping costs or pick up...
  2. Y

    Abs module test?

    Hi. I.ve got an 03 vy berlina. Abs, srs, trac, aircon fault lights coming on at times. Some posts have suggested the abs module could be the problem. Can i drive my car with the abs disconnected? I wonder if i were to do this if all these lights may stop coming on, could it possibly tell me...
  3. S

    Esp failure

    Hi i have a 2005 wl holden stateman. 'Esp failure' has been on the dash for ages and i finnaly took it too holden to diagnose the problem. They cam up with a faulty abs module. So i bought one on ebay and installed it and the failure still comes up. Does the code have to be cleared maybe?
  4. 1

    2004 VY CX8 Adventra ABS Module - Other Models ABS List

    I have a 2004 VY2 CX8 Adventra and I recently had the ABS warning come on intermittently for several weeks and then come on constantly with the orange ABS Light. I plugged my trusty scan tool in and it brought up the C0550 which is pretty much a communication error with the ABS Module. I pulled...
  5. S

    1994 VR Commodore S Pack

    Hi all my name is Spanny. I'm new here, I'm buying a car off my Aunty, it's been in the family for 14 years, it's a 1994 VR Commodore S Pack and I need to get a few things done to pass a RWC, but I need to get an ABS Module and a Speed Sensor on the gearbox replaced for the ABS or something like...
  6. J

    vt ABS module and harness

    Hi there, not sure if this is covered else where but here goes... I have a VT ss 5 Litre I connected a scanner to the car to check the abs module which resulted in the scanner having a no communication error So im assuming that is an indication of a faulty ABS module But.. the abs...
  7. V

    ABS / Trac on-OFF, Oil, Engine Warning Lights on DASH

    Hi there everyone, I have got a VX SS 2001 Sedan. PROBLEM is firstly ABS warning light comes on then a few seconds later all others (Trac ON/OFF, Engine, Oil - like a bloodly christmas tree lights!) Then after checking all engine stuff - eg, oil,fliuds & belts still same thing. After driving for...
  8. I

    VT Commodore ABS Module

    Just recently my ABS light has come up on the dash cluster. Got it plugged into the computer it has come up with abs left solenoid fail. Bloke at K-Mart said the ABS module has failed and will need replacing. Now a new one is about $500-$600 or a used one is about $120 although chances are...
  9. VT-MMM

    VT ABS module

    Hey my vt is doing some strange things all my warning lights are coming up and my aircon and cruise control is not working. Someone told me it was my ABS module does that sound right and does anyone know where i can get a cheap one in Perth. Thanks any help will be useful.
  10. J

    Faulty ABS Module question..

    Hi Guys, Just in need of a few answers, When your ABS module is stuffed and the dash lights up like a christmas tree, the cruise control stops working. Does your fuel guage still work? also the air bag light is on, does this mean the if i am in a crash, the airbags will not deploy...
  11. 0

    side effects of driving with a dodgy abs module

    driving home the other night and the dash looked like a chrissy tree, oil light, abs light,trac cont. light, airbag light, was saying i was in Reverse but in Drive dodgy temp gauge etc etc all the tell tale signs of a rooted abs module (thanx JC members!). i am about to jump on ebay and buy a...
  12. T

    Missing Abs Control Module

    Hey guys I am new to this forum and I was just wondering if anybody could help me with an issue I am having with my 99 S2 vt commy, recently I have been having error lights come up on the dash, oil pressure, airbag, battery and so on, I have done a bit of digging around and found that it is most...
  13. D

    ABS Module Removal?

    Allo All, Is it ok to remove the front part of the ABS module by itself and keep driving. I was thinking about sending it in to one of those repair service places. I removed the 6 bolts but there seems to be two little pipes(?) right underneath where it is very difficult to see/access...