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abs problem

  1. LX8Adventura

    Adventra ABS Fault

    Hi Guys, Newbie here, I bought an LX8 recently, very nice car. Just recently i have been getting an ABS fault come up, brake fault and brake bulb fault come up all at the same time, but only at night. Any Ideas on what might be the cause, wiring issues, computer issue or something else...
  2. D

    VY SS Calipers

    Hey all, I just had a quick question. I have a VY SS ute that has ABS. My question is, are the brake calipers differant to one without ABS??? cheers guys
  3. AussieHolden

    Abs fault flash on start up.

    Over the past week I have been getting a very quick message on the dash only when cranking the engine over "ABS FAULT" only for a quick second then it's gone. I always for the first time of the day just turn the ignition to standby while it does a check and wait for the "OK" message then start...