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  1. REDRUM-6L

    Someone plz ESP & SRS HELP!

    I tried searching this site and a load of others with no luck. situation: Ok long story short, I got “provoked” into dropping gears and teaching a sti gronk what a ve rear end looks like in the distance in front of him, but in heat if the moment I forgot too take traction control off. That’s...
  2. R

    VX brakes ABS

    Hey all just a quick question, I have a VX with ABS. I am replacing the front rotors/pads. I’ve never worked on cars with ABS so I’m wondering if the process is the same as non-ABS in the sense of - using the old pad and clamp to depress the piston then pump the pedal to reposition the pistons...
  3. S

    ABS Solenoid Line Lock?

    Has anyone successfully used the ABS unit as a Line locker to stop the rear brakes from operating and can help outline what was needed?
  4. S

    EBCM ABS Connector Pinout

    Hi All, Looking if someone can help provide me a pin out for the ABS module in the VY V8, Im after the rear Solenoid connections (Connector YE98 from what ive found). i have done a fair bit of research but all i can find is the sensors that are labeled and not the solenoids even in the service...
  5. V

    VE OMEGA abs light an brake warning light

    So ive just gotten my transmission rebuilt, the guy that done it came around home an jacked the car up an left it on jack stands for about a week, hes just finish rebuilding the gear box an put it back in, when we put the car down an started it, it drove fine, no errors what so ever, now 1 day...
  6. B

    Alloytec traction control

    Alright so I'm not a big fan of traction control, so I decided to remove the 25 amp esp/trac fuse from the engine bay, after this the abs warning comes on when you first turn the ignition on, and then every probably 2 minutes after that then handbrake warning chimes and goes nuts, is there any...
  7. F

    Another ABS alarm question....desperate...

    Just wondering if any Commodore gurus can offer any advice....I parked my car up...all good and went to start it in the morning....would wind over (but didn't sound the same)...and wouldn't kick....then ABS light came on..no other warnings. I recharged the battery to 100 % and cleaned battery...
  8. J

    Transmission stays in top gear

    Hi, I have just bought a 2005 WL Statesman 6 cylinder. The previous owner has told me it recently started playing up with the ESP turning itself off or activating at random times like activating the brakes and kicking down gears etc. then it would lock itself in top gear (not sure if 4th or...
  9. Alexsvt

    Will a Haynes Manual help me find my vacuum leak? also ABShelp maybe?

    Hi all!! don't let my username fool you, i am currently running a 2006 VZ that i recently picked up FAIRLY CHEAP, i knew i'd have to fix up a few things but i am new to dealing with vacuum leaks and engine stuff. from the research i've done and talking with people i believe i am dealing with a...
  10. P

    Adventra VZ - ESP & ABS Fail alert going off

    Hi all. I have a 2005 Holden Adventra and the ESP and ABS fail light and alarm keeps going off. I had the rear breaks and rotors replaced yesterday and ever since this is happening. It wasn't happening prior to the replacement. Can anyone help??
  11. D

    VZ Commodore DTS C0161 Stop Lights Circuit Crazy Problem

    I have a VZ Commodore that suddenly threw an ABS, ESC and Cruise Control fault. The Cruise Control will not engage and the ABS warning and ESC warning on LCD dashboard. I put the TECH2 on the beasty and the only fault code showing was C0161 "Stop Light Control Circuit Problem". The weird thing...
  12. C

    Vy Abs Fault!!! Help needed

    Need help with abs on vy series 2... Abs is not working have checked all sensors with multimeter nothing comes up also checke the plugs that plug in to them they give a reading on it!! Not sure if I need to replace all sensors or could there be something else wrong??? Car is Vy s2 l67 converted...
  13. J

    VE 2006 Calais startup faults

    G'day everyone. Im a new member. Our current Ride is a 2006 VE Calais V 3.6 auto. Brought the car second hand with 142000kms but the car is near immaculate. After a couple of months it has started flashing but not staying on after the system check, ABS off, ESC off and Engine check lights with a...
  14. T

    Abs code 71

    Ok so ive been having abs problems with the warning lights coming up. And got a code 71 but my friend is confusing me by talking about there being 2 abs moduals. One in the engin bay and one in the dash. My question is is this correct? I know where the engin bay one is but where is the other...
  15. T

    ABS light on but no error code.

    I recently put my VX wagon in for a roady and while it was in i got the mechanic to check the lights on the dash that were coming on and off, there was ABS and traction control and I think engine - but the engin light may be off now because I just replaced engine mounts and rocket cover gaskets...
  16. W

    [NSW] WL Statesman stability control abs slip

    Hey guys, first time caller, first time listener. Just trying to get some insight on an issue in having. When I go around a fairly sharp bend at about 30-40km, my front r/h abs seems to be slipping or making a somewhat grinding sound. When stability control is off the issue isn't there so I...
  17. V

    ABS / Engine light issue (Monaro VX 6 speed) 5.7 litre

    I understand this could be caused by the ABS sensor/relay karking it, but in my case its intermittent. Temp guage also goes off as does aircon. Could it just be a loose connection somewhere? Or could battery disconnect / reconnect cause a reset and fix it?
  18. B

    FED UP with failing Commodore computer modules

    I have had commodores since the release of the VN, now driving a VX II. I am so disappointed with the number of failures of the computer modules over the years due to dry joints. Have replaced 3 ECUs in the VN and now find my VX has a faulty ABS module. Can't believe these problems still occur...
  19. V

    Vy SS Service Error ABS Engine Warning

    Hi All This has probably already been answered but I cant seem to find any answers. Well lets start I was casually cruising on the highway and all of a sudden service error contact retailer came up along with ABS, Traction and Engine warning. Now heres the thing it doesn't seem to give...
  20. J

    VR Calais problems! need help!

    VR Calais S2 stalling whenever i move in gear. dash flashes when changing into gears and abs off light comes on when no brakes or handbrake is on? car also takes a bit to turn over since these problems have started.. any ideas on where to start with all this? pretty sure my throttle...
  21. D

    VY SS Calipers

    Hey all, I just had a quick question. I have a VY SS ute that has ABS. My question is, are the brake calipers differant to one without ABS??? cheers guys
  22. C

    Vy v8 abs module issues

  23. C

    ABS speed sensor fault

    Ok, So I recently replaced all four shocks, all four rotors and pads. The front rotors were done a while ago, but the others were all a week ago. The issue is my ABS light. I turn on the car and its all good, and after braking maybe 5 minutes into the drive, (although it varies), the light...
  24. M

    ABS fault light on

    Hi, I've got a series 1 VR Exec. They didn't come standard with ABS, I think it was fitted as a factory or dealer option. A little while ago the fuse (#9) for the Heater A/C Cont. overheated. Instead of blowing it melted and the terminals moved together to stay conductive. The socket also...
  25. J

    VZ Auto Sedan Stalling

    Hey guys, Wondering if anybody could help! I have read a few posts regarding stalling, and the options to fix it include changing the fuel filter, the fuel pump, spark plugs, the battery, the CAS, the DFI, the ECU, the Oxy Sensor etc. My problem seems to fit between a few of those posts. My...
  26. B

    VR ABS rear brakes spin with brakes oushed on

    G'day everyone. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or not and need to use the collective grey matter to find a solution to this query. My son has a VR with ABS. He complained to me about the brakes not being very good. I checked it out and found no leaks and the pads are reasonably new...
  27. A

    What causes the ABS system to engage my brakes and slow the car down ?

    i took the abs fuse out so it would not engage the rear brakes it feels like the handbrake is on but it not that as i took the abs fuse out and drives like it should and is it safe to drive with the abs off?
  28. M

    VE Commodore ABS + Traction control

    Hi all, just wanted to talk about my ABS and Traction Control on my 2006 VE Omega. I drive it about 160km per day to and from work, about 8-9 months ago I lost my traction control and ABS, the lights came on and the messages appeared when starting the car. I wasn't too bothered about paying...
  29. Jimmy_d_jr

    Engine clicking abs and srs fault, help!

    Hi guys, New here so be easy :) So this morning it started fine but now, the dash beePs and displays srs and abs faults and then when I go to start it the engine just click (preventative I assume), and all I've done today was run some wiring Between firewall and console as I just did the...
  30. D

    ABS Failure ???

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some ideas about my cars ABS failure problem? The brake pads are new (6 months ago) and I checked all the wheels, nothing wrong with the pads, speed sensors-wiring seems fine. The brake booster seems OK and I cannot find anything wrong with the master...
  31. G

    Front Strut advice

    Hi Guys I have a vp series 2 with abs and FE2 suspension with larger disc rotors (ex cop car ) that has just been smashed by the missus. What i would like to know is i have a vp series 1 wagon STANDARD, would the front struts fit into the wagon and would there be a problem as the wagon isnt...
  32. B

    abs hub on non abs?

    Just wondering if i can put abs hub on non abs vr, my bearing stuffed n i only got abs hubs here, thanx
  33. jdrVZute

    My 2005 VZ Ute doesn't have ABS

    Why doesn't my 2005 VZ Ute have ABS Anti-lock Brakes? Shouldn't it be standard for a 2005 model? If anyone knows, please reply, Cheers.
  34. H

    ABS System

    Hey guys I know this question has been asked before (eg: http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vr-vs-holden-commodore-1993-1997/154902-abs-brakes.html), usually by people that don't realise its actually something hard to do and that give up but I'm pretty keen on the idea so here goes. I'm...
  35. V

    Vr stalls irratic idle abs??

    hope some of u can help me! yesterday i bought a vr series 2 commy the people i bought it from said the head has gone! car goes hard as and you couldnt tell that the head is gone??? there is no oil in the water or water in the oil all good there the only problem is it kept stalling so today i...
  36. AussieHolden

    Abs fault flash on start up.

    Over the past week I have been getting a very quick message on the dash only when cranking the engine over "ABS FAULT" only for a quick second then it's gone. I always for the first time of the day just turn the ignition to standby while it does a check and wait for the "OK" message then start...
  37. R

    VYII Berlina ABS intermittent fail

    Hi All, I have started getting an ABS fail warning with a loud ascending warning tone, at the same time the SRS light comes on. I noticed today when the fault occurred there was a tiny box with a cross in it showing below the degree symbol on the climate LCD panel. I found I could reproduce...
  38. [Linkin Park]

    abs fault and weird grinding from the front of car

    hey, Well we just bought a 2nd hand 2004 vz commodore sedan with 53,000kms the abs fault thingy comes up and getting more frequent and lasts for about 6 seconds but there are no fault codes left so holden dont know what the problem is. my second problem doesnt happen always but it...
  39. D

    ABS Module Removal?

    Allo All, Is it ok to remove the front part of the ABS module by itself and keep driving. I was thinking about sending it in to one of those repair service places. I removed the 6 bolts but there seems to be two little pipes(?) right underneath where it is very difficult to see/access...