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a/c blower fan

  1. R

    VT - VX blower fan controls and a/c switch wiring for conversion...

    So i been searching and searching for days and cant find what i need, im putting a VT statesman dash in my tf rodeo so what I am trying to do is wire in the blower fan control and a/c-demister switch (not using demister) to the original rodeo wiring loom so i can try and get it 2 work somewhat...
  2. S

    vt a/c blower switch not working on high

    i have a 1999 vt executive series 2 wagon , i had a problem that when i turned the egnition key to off, the a/c blower fan kept running for another 30 seconds . Now i have the problem that the a/c blower fan will work on the lower fan speeds but it does not work on high . Has anyone had this...