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  1. Stelya

    2007 VE new owner few issues and Qs (A/C and heating , dash lights, speakers)

    Hi guys Got me a nice VE Omega that looks like a nice SS and Im happy with my new ride like a baby with an iPhone :) Got few annoying issues that I cant resolve as seller moved away to USA and Im new to these lovely cars and dont have much mates that are into cars so any help appreciatted mates...
  2. B

    VT V6 A/C Relay - No Power

    Hey guys, first post but long time snoop. This forum has been a god send on multiple occasions, so thanks in advance. Today I had my compressor regased after replacing it along with the TX valve and drier, all seals are perfect with no leaks. The biggest problem was whilst he was testing for...
  3. D

    '05 VZ Storm Ute - Air Con Relay issues

    Hey everyone. I know it is really hard to diagnose over the net, but hoping somebody has had the same issue. I recently obtained a VZ Storm which was sold to me with a non-functioning A/C, with a simple regas being named as the fix. I've taken it to AutoMasters for their free A/C...
  4. Kierab

    Mystery hose found next to AC (AC not working)

    Hey guys, So my air con is not working, ive tired to research it but couldnt seem to find an easy way to diagnose between needing a regas or needing a new compressor. If someone knows a way that would be great For the mean time. Upon inspecting my air compressor, I found this mystery hose...
  5. B

    VE A/C Fan Speed Fluctuating

    Hey Guys, I've got an 08 Sv6 and when I turn on the A/C, the fan speed goes on full blast then fluctuates down and up for about 30 sec before returning to the speed that its set on. It works normally after that. I've done a search on the forums and tried the re-learn procedure thing, but...
  6. H

    VX Climate Control HVAC, air mix motor for hot/cold mix flap replacement

    Hey folks searched the forums and finally decided to ask the question before I go start dismantling things, does anyone have photos of the Climate Control HVAC in or out of the car with a good view of the air mix motors that control the hot/cold mix and have perhaps even replaced one themselves...
  7. P

    Burning smell from vents and outside car when AC running

    Hi Guys, The other day I got this weird smell in the cabin of my 97 VT 3.8L Commodore. It smelt like a cross between burnt plastic and a fresh cat ****. I figured out it was coming thru the air vents when running the AC. Now today I have also noticed the smell outside the car from the...
  8. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I attached below. This table in the attachment below is extracted from the service information manual for Chevrolet Lumina 2007 which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information after...
  9. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for a VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I'm attaching below. This table in the attachment, is extracted from the "Chevrolet Lumina Model Year 2007 Service Information manual" which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information VZ...
  10. schlompy

    VYII SS ute, engine missing, temp gauge going crazy...

    Hey guys been having a couple of really strange things happen while im driving all at the same time. Doesnt matter if I'm on the highway or if I'm doing 40 up the street. Have had the analyser hooked up and there aren't any faults... Whats happening is the engine feels like its missing, the...
  11. W

    Demister and Fan problem

    Hi guys, The rear demister and fan in my vs has been a problem for quite a while. basically they come on whenever they feel like it, and as time goes on they feel like it less and less. Im leaning towards the direction of a loose cable or something they are either both on or both off...
  12. V

    vz ute a/c filter location??

    does anybody know where the a/c filter is in a vz ute??