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  1. D

    Car only runs under accelaration

    Holla, As the title says, my car is only running when I give it some acceleration. As soon as I start it, it runs for a second or 2 then dies. If I keep a slight amount of acceleration on it will run and drive provided I keep the accelerator on and even when moving if I let the accelerator off...
  2. C

    power transmission warning VZ 2006

    Hi everyone, I hope I posted this in the correct place. Also hope everyone has a happy new year. For a while now I have noticed that when my car (automatic 2006 sedan SVZ) accelerates up hills at about 80+kmph-->100ish it kind of ticks(looses power for 0.25second). This goes away as soon...
  3. G

    VE Calais - No Acceleration

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had come across this issue before. Currently, I have a 2008 VE Calais - V6 with 160k on the clock. I noticed over the weekend that the gear changes seemed a bit rougher than usual. The gear changes seemed to have more of a jerking/snapping feel, this was...
  4. O

    91 vn v6, fresh rebiuld, idle and engine light problems

    hi I have a 91 VN V6 manual wagon, just done a rebuild on the motor with stage 2 cam and chip by crow cams... absolutely everything in the motor is new from bottom end to top. new injectors and o2 sensor. The problem I'm having is when i start it, runs and idles as it should, as i take off...
  5. KrisHolden

    Alloytec 190 acceleration

    Im not sure if its just me or not, but is it normal for these cars to have weak acceleration when the car is cruising at around 70-80ish? I was driving on a slight incline today and wanted to take off to overtake driving 75ish. I planted the accelerator and it was as if the gear didnt...
  6. S

    Rough acceleration and vibration in '95 VS???

    I recently bought a 4-speed auto V6 '95 VS Commodore with only 180,000km, totally straight and nanna driven all its life. There are just a couple of things I want to know so I can fix it; 1) only in foward gears (not reverse, park or neutral) it makes a vibration when stopped with the brakes...
  7. KrisHolden

    VZ SV6 Calais Alloytech 190 Take Off

    Hey guys! Anyone who drives a auto with active-select V6 190 or similar, from still, what pedal activity do you think provides the fastest rate of acceleration? Sometimes I get the feeling pedal down 75% then ease to 100% and other times I still think pedal right down? Would I be much...
  8. V

    VY Roller Rockers + LSD?

    Ive been told by many people on this site that i should get roller rockers and an LSD( with changed gear ratio?) on my car for better acceleration and fun-nes to drive. So now i need to know info about wheres good to go in perth for either of these items. i want to get them installed...
  9. Q

    VY Stereo Playing Up?

    Hi all, just wondering if my stereo is actually playing up or if it comes standard like this, what happens is when i accelerate the volume increases for as long as i accelerate, when i'm holding the accelerator even it stays the same volume and when i hit the brakes it lowers the volume, im...
  10. blindworld1


    Hey, I was wondering if someone could help with this Turbo Supercharger Holden Barina Calais Ute Berlina - eBay Turbos, Superchargers, Performance Parts, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 25-Jan-09 20:08:00 AEDST) whats does this product actually do, how will it...
  11. blindworld1

    Acceleration speed

    can someone please tell me what the acceleration speed of a 95 model Vs Berlina should be doing.. I am currently doing 0-100km in 8.7 seconds and it seems very sluggish. Thanks.
  12. batty_123

    accelaration dillemma

    Hey guys, i have a 2000 VT S2 acclaim (130XXX klms) as my first car and i have a few questions, any help would be appreciated thanks :) i recently got a 2.5" catback and soon as i drove it after this got fitted (by pro's) i realised IMMEDIATE power loss at take off, and it doesnt have a nice...