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  1. D

    Vz accelerator cable in vs?

    Hey guys I broke the plastic thread part on my vs commodore accidentally the other day and I swapped the whole cable with a vz cable will I have any repercussions from doing this or are the accelerators interchangeable? Any help would be muchly appreciated.
  2. S

    Accelerator Pedal Sensor - needed URGENTLY

    My Accelerator Pedal Sensor is not working properly so need a replacement. Holden no longer makes them so need to find one elsewhere. I have a 2004 VZ 5.7 SS Holden Ute. Part number needs to match 92189343 for it to work in my car. Urgent help or leads to finding a replacement is greatly...
  3. C

    07 VE Calais Error code 2127

    Hi all, My Calais started to go into safety mode, ESP off and reduced power and engine light on about 3 weeks ago. This will stay for a few days and the will just disappear. And then a few days later it will start all over again. So I did a scan with an OBDII scanner and the error code 2127...
  4. M

    Buick V6 Throttle adjustments

    Hi Guys, I have a 93 VR which i just put a 70mm Throttle body on and need some advice on possible adjustments Just a bit of backstory, when i first put the new TB on, the engine idled at over 1500 RPM (with the old TB it sat at around 1000) so i had to adjust the close stopper so the butterfly...
  5. M

    Sticky Accelerator?

    I have a VX V6 Commodore 5 speed manual, and when I change gear it seems as if its reving out while I'm changing gear, just wondering if this is normal? Or maybe the accelerator is getting stuck? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. S

    Water dripping onto accererator

    I have a 92 VP wagon executive After it has rained water must be being blocked somewhere and causing water to drip inside on to accelerator pedal/foot (from behind firewall? then under dash). It mainly happens when turning which causes the water to flow in. I heard it was most likely a...