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  1. H

    Vt 2000 model wagon, desperately need a extra seat really cheap

    We have had a major family change, and now the household is , 6-8 children/adults needing to get to school and Tafe daily, we need a 3rd row seat for a vt wagon, or swap the wagon for a van with seats, we are low income earners , with combined families in 3 different towns and cities, some help...

    [SA] VDO Dayton Parts [WANTED]

    STATUS: Wanted to Buy ITEMS: VDO Dayton Parts as per the below DESCRIPTION LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia CONDITION: New or Used - In Working Order DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for Postage/Shipping Costs, otherwise I will Pick Up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on Pick Up or PayPal for...
  3. G

    [WA] Collector Car Restoration, Can Adding Rare Accessories Boost Value

    Hello everyone I am currently working on a Restoration project on a Holden Collector Car, my questions are about overall resale and if adding extra eye for detail would value the vehicle more. I'll give an example of what I mean, let's say the resto car is a 73 Statesman Deville and it had a...
  4. I

    Accessories/Cigarette lighter socket

    We have a VZ Wagon and, as far as I have ever been able to ascertain, the only Cigarette Lighter/accessories socket is the one in the Centre console storage compartment. Currently we run a cord to a multi outlet adapter which we sit in the front centre in front of the Shift bar. I have noticed...
  5. A

    VL Vacationer

    G'day All, I am in the process of restoring a JE Camira Vacationer which I bought during my divorce when I just needed some transport, enjoyed and then thought I would preserve as one of the rarest Aussie Holden production models ever made. As part of this I am having the decals read which are...
  6. S

    VF Series 1 Accessories

    Hi All, Just wondering where I can get Internal/External accessories for my VF1 Ute. Not looking at genuine accessories is possible - don't really want a piece of plastic to cost an arm and a leg. Thanks All!
  7. E

    VF Commodore "DOC" connector..

    Hello all, I'm hoping somebody will know where I can tap into the VF Commodore to access IGN, 12V Constant, ACC and earth cleanly via a connector. Disappointingly the VF Commodore does not have the “DOC” connector which is supplied on all VE Commodores - located behind the dash. And as usual...
  8. H

    Random Fuse wiring plugged into interior fuse

    Just brought a VX Commodore, interior lights were not working checked out the fuse, had no fuse but a thing that looked like a fuse with 2 wires going in under the dash and returning with a black box < 10 amp fuse. Removed this thing and replaced with proper fuse and interior lights work but no...
  9. J

    vk touch pad

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me out here. In my VK calais, I have the touch pad underneath the left side of my dash. i know 1 button is to make the antenna go down, one to go up and one for the demister. I dont think the other buttons do anything do they? and if not, can I hack...
  10. blindworld1

    good things to upgrade on VS

    Heyy, I been looking around for things to upgrade on my VS Berlina 95 model. I cant really find anything.. If someone could help me with some ideas or give me some links it would be greatly appreciated thanks