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  1. P

    2002 VY Wagon LS Conversion

    Hi! First time poster here. I've got a 2002 VY Acclaim wagon auto that I'm looking to engine swap to a LS1 and I was looking for some advice on where to start. My plan was to buy a refurbed long engine and a v8 statesman/something similar parts car. I know I will need to get an engineer on...
  2. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  3. L

    VZ Acclaim 500RPM Idle

    Hi Guys, New to forum. Glad to be here. I am looking at selling my VZ Acclaim but wanted to check a few things before sale. When I bought the car a couple of months ago I noticed it idled really low and shook the car. I find myself rocking in my seat gently at idle or when parked at a light...
  4. T

    Vz acclaim fuel gauge error

    Bought a '04 vz acclaim that needed some work. It has a fuel gauge error and it won't start. I have a way to get around it but I need it fixed so I can register the car. I've already installed a new fuel pump assembly and replaced the entire computer including the ecu and bcm but it still came...
  5. J

    Taraction Control, isthe 4L60E trans different with or without TC?

    Hi all, I am not clear as to how the Traction Control actually works on a car, Vx Commodore specifically. Like does it have anything at all to do with the transmissions, or is it solely the PCM, wheel sensors and ABS ? As I need to replace the trans on the Vx, and have a perfectly good Vt one...
  6. 0

    Heeeellp!! Newby VZ’er

    Hi All, I’m new on the VZ block and was hoping to get some help or pointed in right direction PLEEEAASEE???! So I brought my 2005 VZ Acclaim last week off a very shady appearing seller (lol!) car was cheap looked good condition n I needed a car ASAP so ignored my gut when it was telling me to...
  7. C

    will not fire!!!

    So was parked car in car park. Turned off then turned back on as my mrs cant park. Turned back on to fix her parking. Apon returning to the car about a hour later this is what happened. Key in turned to start and was like no fuel. Wouldn't start. Got some more petrol into it and still nothing...
  8. T

    Acclaim S2 not starting - immobiliser issue?

    Hi, first off: I am a backpacker, bought this car used and am also quite new to cars in general so please bare with me. I got a new car battery four weeks ago. About a week ago during my roadtrip up the east coast I helped two guys jump start their car. After that I drove another 3h tl Sydney...
  9. M

    VY Acclaim sound system

    G'day guys and gals. I am brand new to owning a commodore and wanted a quick guide on the sound system! Right now it's a Sony double din screen (for my reversing camera) and the twin front speakers working. And from what I can see it has 4 x door speakers, 2 in front and 2 in back, and 2 x...
  10. J

    Grinding noise as specific rpm

    Okay so I have trawled the existing posts and can't find an issue quite like mine listed. If there is a similar post feel free to link it! So this issue started a few months back just on and off but it seems to be getting more pronounced. Basically there is a metallic grating/grinding sound...
  11. J

    Shift kit - VT Acclaim HELP!!

    I'm planning on getting a TransGo Shift kit for my VT, I was just wondering how much a mechanic might charge for an installation ?
  12. danielnitschke

    VX Commodore - Fitted with Alarm?

    Hello Team, First post here. I own a 2002 VX Commodore Acclaim (Series II). I'm unsure if its fitted with an alarm, though it seems like it is. When the vehicle is locked and armed, interfering with the bonnet, doors, boot etc seems to trigger some sort of setting, where the blinkers...
  13. Z

    Help with buying a VZ

  14. M

    Modifying VT Acclaim - Front bumper

    I'm looking at making some modifications to my fairly stock VT Acclaim sedan. The colour is Raven blue/black and I already have a spoiler. Other than getting it mechanically ship-shape I'm looking at doing the following - Replacing LHS front quarter panel (has bad dint at front) - Adding SS...
  15. AshTylor

    My VXII Acclaim Wagon

    So whats going on guys? I'm 17 and I get my license in 20 days, I'm buying 2 12" Alpine Type "S" in a sub box tomorrow with a 1000 Watt Pioneer amp. [/URL][/IMG] Thats how she looks at the moment, re painted the fuel cap so everything is all the same colour now, what do you guys think? My...
  16. J

    Want to get an exhaust for my VX Acclaim but I'm not sure which to choose

    As stated above I have a VX Acclaim which has had no previous modifications (completely stock) and I want to get an exhaust system installed. I want a nice rumbling sound but I don't want any droning or idle noise. I just want the sound on acceleration. I was thinking about getting a 2.5 catback...
  17. E

    Headlights cause car to loose 4th gear

    Ive been having some weird electrical problems like slipping and struggling changing gears and then when I was on my way home the other night I lost 4th and had to drive home in 3rd but if I turn off the car and turn back on its back for a little bit and then just drops out but then driving...
  18. M

    Max rim size on vys2 acclaim

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum so sorry if this has already been posted, just figuring it all out. I have a 2003 vys2 acclaim. I recently bought a set of 19' rims with tyres and I was wondering whether or not these would be legal on my car? I live in perth, wa. They are ssw rims...
  19. J

    knocking sound

    gday guys so i have a vy acclaim that has about 230k on the clock and its been getting a bit hot lately but not to the point of over heating it usually gets about 3 qtrs of the way before it cools down i found out the fan wasnt working probably and got that fixed but its still does it and ive...
  20. F

    VS series 2 Acclaim

    Hey, this is second car a VS Series 2 Acclaim, which I've owned for almost 2.5 years. I've been a member for a while now but haven't gotten around to adding any pictures of my car so I thought I would :) Model: VS Series 2 Acclaim (2nd Owner) Year: November 1996 Colour: Sherbrooke Green...
  21. Loaded Dice

    [VIC] WTB: VS Seatbelt

    ITEM: Seatbelt from VS wagon, rear left (passenger side) - stalk not required LOCATION: Ballarat / Melbourne CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pick up or pay postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD / PayPal / DD CONTACT DETAILS: PM here or SMS O427 346 7I9 Thanks.
  22. Jimmy_d_jr

    VY series 1 Acclaim Foglights

    hi guys, so ive read and searched around but a few different things have came up ie i have heard the series ones came with the fog light looms so all i need is the fog switch, fuse, relay and foglights. wanting it to run from the factory switch but then other places i have read that only...
  23. R

    VT power issues?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone could give me some insight on some strange going on's in my 98 VT acclaim. It seems to be the power it cutting out, i have 2 amps one running the front speakers one running the sub the one that runs the front speakers cuts out and the speakers sound like...
  24. newvsowner

    Wet Feet

    hello everyone, I have a strange one. Whenever I go through a brushless automatic carwash, i get a small trickle of water at my feet on the driver's side. Only in the automatic carwash, never in the rain, or during a manual wash. Does anyone have any ideas where this may be sneaking in...
  25. Jimmy_d_jr

    Engine clicking abs and srs fault, help!

    Hi guys, New here so be easy :) So this morning it started fine but now, the dash beePs and displays srs and abs faults and then when I go to start it the engine just click (preventative I assume), and all I've done today was run some wiring Between firewall and console as I just did the...
  26. S

    VY 15 inch alloys

    Hi all, Looking at purchasing a set of 2nd VY 15 inch alloys for my sister's VX Executive for xmas ;-) I have a set lined up, hence I fitted a new set of Speedy mags the other day to their car but they have no idea as to the value of them. They are in quite good condition, very minor...
  27. L

    3 Months and a VS Acclaim to play with.

    Hey guys I have a VS Acclaim. It's a '96 model I think and it's my first car. The guy that had it for about 9 or so years treated pretty poorly so I'm going to get it looking nice. Here are my questions: 1. I have washed it,replaced the fluids, cleaned the interior and am currently getting...
  28. newvsowner

    My Gearbox

    Hi all, Me again. My car is now presenting with a new problem. I am unable to shift backward through the gears manually when driving. When I used to go back into 3, I could feel the car click down. But now nothing happens. I don't know what has happens. The gearbox shifts beautifully...
  29. T

    [VIC] vy II acclaim wagon

    ITEM: blue vy series 2 wagon PRICE: $10500 LOCATION: victoria - cranbourne YEAR: december 2003 SERIES: VYII BADGE: acclaim ENGINE: ecotec 3.8l TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good, except for clear coat peeling on right side. few dints and scratches...
  30. newvsowner

    Crunch crunch

    Dear everyone, so i have a new weird problem. driving home from the station after work going over speed bumps, i get a 'crunch crunch' noise from the front left side when going over. it sounds like driving over really crunchy leaves. i have had that wheel off and cant see anything...
  31. NFUS

    VZ Instrument Cluster Troubles

    Hey guys, first time posting here. I have a VZ Acclaim sedan and am wondering if I can put an instrument cluster (Gauges) from a VZ Calais into it? The calais cluster was from a V8, don't know the K's, I have the 3.6L V6 175 Alloytec. I am willing to get it programmed, but even Holden...
  32. C

    VT commodore write-off & insurance value?

    Hi all, So, unfortunately my car was written off last week due to some idiot blowing a red and t-boning the car. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar model VT and knows what to expect as an insurance payout amount for the car. I understand that they go by market value of the car at...
  33. V

    Manual conversion

    Sorry i know this sorta question gets asked alot. Does anyone know if i could swap a manual transmission and all the other bits from a vr executive (or similar) into a auto vr acclaim and vise versa?
  34. V

    VR Acclaim trouble starting

    Hey well my sisters VR Acclaim's been doing something weird lately, when you turn the key the lights on the dash all come on and you get that really quiet initial sound from the engine bay but the car wont turn over. Any ideas why this may be? Also the lights on the dash stay on untill it...
  35. J

    Jamie Brown's 1996 VS acclaim series II

    Hey guys this is just some info and pictures of my car, i only paid $1,300 for her in June last year and have spent about $1,800 on her. Model: 1996 VS acclaim series II Colour: white Odometer: 260,000 when i got it (June 2010) Engine Type: 3.8 litre v6 Engine Mods: Bosch high...
  36. J

    jamie browns 1996 VS acclaim series II

    Jamie Brown's 1996 VS acclaim series II Hey guys this is just some info and pictures of my car, i only paid $1,300 for her in June last year and have spent about $1,800 on her. Model: 1996 VS acclaim series 1 Colour: white Odometer: 260,000 when i got it (June 2010) Engine Type: 3.8 litre...
  37. All style

    What do you think of my vr ?

    Hey guys what do you think of my 1995 VR Acclaim ? its my first car i brought it stock and i have done a few things to it but alot more has to be done yet :yeah::yeah::yeah: I Wanna get a kit and maby a tottal respray there is a Little bit of gutter rash :doh: my bad im also getting more...
  38. V

    Auto to manual trany conversion cost?

    Hi, im betting this gets asked all the time here i looked for a present thread but couldnt find one, soz if im askin in the wrong spot. But i was wonderin if anyone knows how much it might cozt me to have a 1993 VR Acclaim 3.8V6 Auto converted to a manual? Id probs have it done by a transmission...
  39. All style

    Where can i get a body kit for my stock 1995 VR ACCLAIM

    Where can i find a place in Brisbane ( sourounding areas ) and walk in bye a body kit for my 1995 VR ACCLAIM ???? i have looked like 10 places on the net and all of it crap, or if anywon has a site they can recomend to me that would be grate thanks...
  40. All style

    what can i do to my VR Acclaim ?

    I just wanted to know what can i do to my VR ACCLAIM 1995 ( Power wise) that will not interfear with my p plate regulations. (i have done plugs, leads and k&n panal filter what elce can i do ?? thanks